Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 57 - 60 

What do you think this path is about?

The regret of Moonsun is the single concern.

I think that this path is about removing the regret of the Parent by calming and settling the self-centered imagination so that it can be replaced with the knowledge and understanding of the truth of our origin, the truth of any and everything. 

What do you think My regret is about?

The matter of the Kanrodai is My greatest regret.

I think that our Parent of Origin regrets the unintended returns on the way that we are using the marvelous self-centered imagination that our Parent has provided us with. Using the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all of our thoughts has become for too many of us an unintended obstacle to a life of free and unlimited joy. The fact that this obstacle is provided and supported by Parent of origin only adds to the regret.  Even more so, however, is the regret that flows from our misguided efforts to block and stop the work of our Parent to make repairs to our minds and provide us with single-hearted salvation. The matter of the removal of the Kanrodai being an case in point. 

This regret of Mine is no small matter.

There is no knowing what returns Moonsun will give.

 Because Moonsun exists and supports all else that appears as this universe, including all of our self-centered actions. The causes that we set in motion are immediately given appropriate returns. Moonsun will not and cannot change that. That is the way the universe works. Because Moonsun can see and understand what we cannot, Moonsun is warning us that our self-centered actions can and probably will lead to unanticipated and unwanted returns. 

Whatever may happen, bear no grudge.

It is what each of you has done to yourself. 

Out of deep love for all human beings equally, God our Parent, Moonsun, is trying to help us to awaken to life as it is intended to be, free, unlimited and joyous. God only has everyone's best interests at heart. If we are not able to experience single-hearted salvation, God's free and unlimited workings and a joyous life it is due entirely to the state of our own mind, either "clear" or "muddy". The state of our mind and by extension the state of our world is entirely up to us to determine. That is the price of freedom.