Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 61 - 64

Hereafter, unto all places in the world however far,

in the high mountains as well as in the low valleys,

This perhaps seems straight forward to us now but at the time that this was written Moonsun was working to overcome the kinds of  misunderstandings that viewed Oyasama as a local goddess who worked  evils and miraculous healings in much the same ways as other local "gods" did.  On the one hand people came to Oyasama with the intention and expectation that their own self-centered concerns would be relieved. While on the other hand, Moonsun's intention is to gather instruments, "Timbers" and to train them in the way of single-hearted salvation so that they can be instrumental in saving all of the minds of the world equally.  In this Moonsun never discriminates between one mind and another and never intends any evil for any of us. 

Know that I shall sweep the heart 

of each of you in the world step by step.

Moonsun our Parent of origin intends to make the necessary repairs to the human mind. Those repairs are the result of calming and removing the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all of our thinking and replacing it with the secure foundation that is our innermost heart revealed as the knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin. The first step then is to gather instruments, "timbers" by appealing to the various self-centered imaginations of the world in ways that are appropriate for their time, place and level of spiritual maturity. The second step is to train those "timbers" in the "services (the basic ways of calming and replacing the self-centered imagination). The third step involves the sincere effort of those "timbers" in gathering still more "timbers' until eventually every mind in the world has replaced the self-centered imagination with the deeper truth of origin as the foundation of all human thinking.  

What do you think of this sweeping, all of you?

No one knows the mind of God.

I think that the sincere sweeping of the innermost heart results in the totally purified "mind like clear water" and that the "mind like clear water" is a pure reflection of the mind of God and that the mind of God is by its very nature free and unlimited, high spirited joy. 

Whatever regrets Moonsun has borne,

they were overlooked quietly until now. 

Though quietly remaining unknown in the background while supporting all of our misuse of the mind, now Moonsun has "rushed out" into the world to make the repairs necessary for the realization of a free and unlimited joyous life for all human beings equally. 

Sah, sah, once you have heard what I say, you must set it firmly in your minds. There are many other paths. Even after considering all matters, you must still follow the one path. Simply to stop is wrong. There is an order to the path, an order to the path. 

Osashizu, January 13, 1887