Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 65 - 68

Now the day is fully pressing.

In any case, I cannot help but give returns.

Ideally, my self-centered imagination would like to have god respond to my self-centered, worldly common appeals and suspend or alter causality on my behalf. Again, ideally, if that were the case I could continue on with my self-centered thinking and the only change of mind that I would experience would be the satisfaction of my self-centered desires and wishes.  This verse teaches us that God our Parent, the true God of origin either can not or will not alter the natural flow of causality. For every action then there is an appropriate return and each return is itself an appropriate action. The universe is made out of those actions and returns. Any and everything is made of causes (innen) piled up since the very beginning of creation. 

What God can and is doing, is gathering and training instruments, "Timbers", to teach the causality that returns the mind to its original condition so that it can experience the appropriate returns or causality that flow from single-heartedness with God. That causality, the causality of origin appropriately returns the human mind to God's free and unlimited workings and a joyous life.  It is that causality that God is making available to all human minds, in all times, and in all places. It is the causality of  single-hearted salvation and it is available, even now, to all human beings equally. 

What do you think the returns are about?

They are solely about the regret of God. 

We children, self-centered imaginations all, are free to set causes in motion that for many will almost certainly lead to a world without joy. A world of violence, poverty, alienation, suffering and injustice. God our Parent has given us the power to create such a world and now deeply regrets both our condition and the extreme difficulty that God is encountering in attempting to  reason with minds that lack knowledge and understanding of the truth of our origin. Though God our Parent takes responsibility for creating this difficult situation the fact is that because of our freedom we must still choose to be reasonable and consent to the needed repair of the mind or it will not be realized. 

Do not think this regret is a small matter.

It is a result of causes accumulated and piled up. 

Though not so to us, our individual self-centered concerns are a small matter when compared with the much larger concern of the total accumulation of selfish thinking of all human beings in all times and places. Our capacity for mischief continues to grow to the extent that perhaps the very existence of life on the planet is threatened. 

To Tsukihi, all of you in the world are My children. 

Though My thoughts for you are filled with love, 

Take a moment and identify with the anguish of any parent helplessly watching a beloved child self destructing. How much greater is the regret of our Parent of origin who sees the path ahead of us but whose efforts to save us are distorted and ignored through the misuse of the very gift that was intended to create a world of freedom and joy.