Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 9 - 12 

As proof of My beginning of human beings,

I shall put the Kanrodai into place.

We know something about putting the Kanrodai in place. Specifically, we know that the Kanrodai is the Parent of origin and that it cannot be set into place because the water is too muddy. We know too that in these poems water and its condition, either pure or muddy, is a metaphor for our mind. So now we know and can prove for ourselves that putting the Kanrodai into place is the proof of  Moonsun's beginning of human beings by settling and purifying that water. The water is purified by taking all of the mud (our self-centered imagination which denies the truth that any and everything is and is the work of our Parent of origin) out of the water, returning our mind to its original pure condition. When that is done, what remains is single-hearted salvation and that is known and understood as the proof of God's beginnings of human beings. 

If only this Stand comes to completion,

There will be nothing that cannot be realized.

 This is the promise and the hope of our Parent of origin. 

Until then, the heart of everyone throughout the world

must be swept clean.

But the promise cannot be fulfilled without first purifying the mind by settling out the self-centered imagination. 

In this sweeping, there will be no discrimination.

Know that Moonsun is discerning you. 

This is really challenging for our self-centered imagination which are pretty much all about various degrees of discriminations. In sweeping all human minds there is no discrimination between one kind of mind and another. All are to be discerned by Moonsun, tended to by Moonsun's "Timbers" and each and every mind is to be purified according to its needs. Just sincerely trying to comprehend the intention of the Parent in this expression of parental love is enough to settle the mind, setting the Kanrodai in place and revealing the truth of human beginnings to our own mind.  

Try it out. See what needs to be let go of to allow your mind to be in accord with the Parental heart. Ponder the intention to sweep all of our minds without discrimination. No external action is necessary, the entire process of return takes place in our own mind. The Parental embrace is direct, there is nothing external or new that needs to be demonstrated or acquired. Now is the beginning. The origin is here now. With your eyes open, settle the idea that imagines otherwise and know and understand the proof and truth of origin.