Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 104-114

The high places rule this world, but Heaven is also high, I shall make a

distinction between the minds of the high places and the mind of God.

There are many kinds of human authorities that rule the human world. All human authorities are supported by sets of human ideas that rationalize their position and their justification to rule. All over the world and even in a single family it is not unusual for those ideas of authority to be in conflict with each other. Ideas held by established authorities are resistant to change. Change challenges their authority and troubles their minds. The history of mankind has been the history of the conflict between these conflicting ideas.

At the time that God revealed the truth of origin, both the villagers and the authorities thought in the usual worldly common way that the situation involved the usual conflict of human ideas. Both groups felt that new ideas were being introduced with the intention that they challenge and replace the established ideas held by the current authorities.

In this verse God makes it clear that what is hastened is the distinction between all human thought and the original mind of God. We are not invited to counter one set of human thoughts with another set of human thoughts but to make the distinction and compare the truth of Gods' mind, the mind like clear water, with the truth of the human ideas that God's mind marvelously makes possible.

Step by step, I shall tell you about things yet unseen,

When they come into sight in the future, it is God!

That which is unseen is the origin. That which is seen is the human thoughts that rise out of the origin. There are too conditions of human thought. Those that are based on a self-centered idea and that have no knowledge of their origin and those that are based on God's original mind and have full knowledge of their origin. When the unseen original mind comes into sight as the totally purified mind like clear water it is God! There is no doubt about it.

No matter what people say about things already seen, if what is

said is not seen in the future, perhaps there is no understanding.

This verse is not a criticism it is a statement of fact. No matter how much we exchange ideas and polish ideals if the truth that is spoken of is not actually realized through the mind like clear water then perhaps what is taught is not understood.

Form now on, I shall bring understanding by making a distinction in

the innermost hearts of both the high and the low all over the world.

Lest we should get the idea that the distinction that is spoken of here is between those in authority and those not in authority, God teaches us that the distinction that is to be made is between all human thoughts (those of the high and the low) on the one hand and the mind of God on the other.

Watch! I shall cleanse the innermost hearts of those within

and all other in the world without discrimination.

Just in case we might think that there is a distinction between those close to God and the high and the low, God makes it clear that we are all in the same boat, high and low and those close by. There is no discrimination between all human beings in God's intention to cleanse our innermost heart and reveal the truth of origin.

This cleansing will be a difficult matter,

but I say to you beforehand: there is nothing to be called illness.

The cleansing of the innermost hearts of all mankind is a difficult matter because our self-centered imaginations hide both the truth and the way to reveal the truth. There is however one thing that fixes our attention. We find it very difficult to ignore illness. When we are ill we find it difficult to understand when God says that there is no such thing as illness. However, when we are ill we are also open to anything that will give us relief.

Whatever pains, sufferings, tumors, fevers,

or looseness of the bowels: all are from dust.

First we are taught that illness does not exist and then we are taught that what we call illness is from dust. On the surface it is possible to come to the conclusion that illness actually does exist but it is misnamed and should be called dust. This to me is not a very satisfying approach. I suggest that from God's point of view there is no such thing as illness but from our self-centered point of view illness very much does exist. Our self-centered point of view then is dust. It is the dust of selfishness that claims ownership of the body and then suffers as the body goes through its inevitable changes. The truth is that the whole universe is God's body and our self-centered thoughts are only borrowing what we call our body. It follows then that what we consider illnesses are evils that happen to the body. If we return the body now, at once, then for us our illness will no longer exist. God's body will continue to change. Galaxies collide, suns explode, the earth goes through dramatic changes. None of these things effect God's mind. They are God's providence of fire, water and wind. Ponder that image. One unmoving and unchanging source is responsible for all of the action in it.

These two points of view are fully shown in the "Model Life".

Not since I began this world

have I taught everything to those in high places.

The intention is to reveal the truth of any and everything, the original cause of all things.

This time, if I should inform those in high places

about the truth of any and all matters,

God hastens the distinction between the mind of God, the original mind, the mind like clear water and the self-centered imagination.

Then, some among them may ponder.

And if they all gather and speak to none another,

Perhaps for most the invitation to make this distinction will be like water off a ducks back. But someone may ponder the invitation and will seek out others who would do likewise.

Some of them will understand

and truly feel hopeful over the teachings.

For some, pondering this distinction will lead to understanding and the hope of a new world of joyous life as more and more people awaken to the truth of origin, the one truth.

... An old matter, the path was conveyed step by step, and it is already the fifth year since I withdrew. I have moved into the One Truth. Five years ago My body was nearing its time: the eyes could not see, the ears could not hear. Because of unavoidable circumstances, the path was surely difficult to follow five years ago. A path of one worry after another thus opened into a slight path. What would begin from this path? One year latter, a slight truth came into sight.

Osashizu: February 20, 1891

All human bodies are things lent by God. With what thought are you using them?

Ofudesaki III:41

However, this is directly preceded by the verse that reads:

This universe is the body of God. Ponder this in all matters.

Ofudesaki III:40


These two verses must be savored as a couplet, as being linked together. If we separate them, the profound meaning underlying Oyasama's teachings will be difficult to perceive.


Address April 19,1990

The 3rd Shinbashira


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?