Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 115-134

When this path reaches through to the high places,

God will reveal free and unlimited workings at once.

When the way of single heartedness with God reaches through to the upper classes in the world then God will reveal free and unlimited workings at once. That is certainly one way to read the verse above. Indeed the world would be a much better place if the upper classes could distinguish between the self-centered imagination and the origin. Another reading might be the view of the truth of origin breaking through the dust of the self-centered imagination and in so doing showing free and unlimited workings to the human mind. This image sees the origin as buried under the weight of the dust of the self centered imagination. The truth of origin being the vital but buried core with the self-centered imagination accumulated above it, thereby depressing or holding it down.

I have not yet shown you any of the free and unlimited workings

of God, who began this world.

Though those who were drawn to God's teaching probably thought that they were being shown God's free and unlimited workings they in fact had not been seen or shown. One could say of this: You haven't seen anything yet! It is important to ponder this verse. Perhaps we are missing God's free and unlimited workings because we are dazzled by something else.

In everything, as long as you know nothing, you remain as you

are. But if I let you know of God's free and unlimited workings.

God intends that the truth of origin replace the self-centered imagination as the fundamental basis of our understanding of all things. To get something of the flavor of that fundamental understanding we can look to the verse at the head of this page. When we read it we can think about it. When it is understood we will not have to think about it. It will be fundamental to all of our thinking. Currently the fundamental understanding that we have is that we are just a body with a self-image or ideas of ourselves. God's free and unlimited workings are not limited in that way.

On hearing of it, all of you in the world must ponder.

Any and all matters are according to the mind.

This teaching is entirely about the condition of our mind. It is fundamentally free and unlimited having awakened to the truth of origin or it is bound and limited to the body and ideas of self.

Today, nothing can be seen, but be watchful!

In the sixth month, everything will begin to appear.

There are a couple of approaches to this verse. One might be that whatever Oyasama was doing six months from the time that it was written is what this verse is about and also what God wanted us to know, God's free and unlimited workings also appeared at that time. Yet another is that God is encouraging us to make a sincere six-month effort to prepare our mind to awaken to the truth of origin and that after that effort God's free and unlimited workings would begin to appear to that truly sincere mind.

Until now, the high mountains have been boastful

while the low valleys withered.

This is an interesting verse. It reflects on the relationship between self-centered imaginations. One group does better than the other. From the point of view of the self-centered imagination there is an expectation that the following verse will promise a reversal of fortunes. Something to the effect that from now on the low valleys will exchange places with the boastful high mountains. However that is not what happens.

From now on, I shall teach both the high mountains and

the low valleys about the beginnings of origin.

Instead of favoring one over the other, it is promised that both will be equally taught the truth of origin. This is once again the model of parental love.

The beginning of this world was a muddy ocean.

Therein were only loaches.

We have to decide whether this is literally so or whether we are being treated to a truth that is so beyond expression that it can only be indicated by the use of metaphors and allegories.

What do you think these loaches were?

they were the very seeds of human beings.

God is giving us a nudge toward the answer. Do we think that the loaches were loaches or can we understand that what is being spoken of is the seeds, another metaphor, of human beings.

God drew them up and consumed them all, and through

providence brought them up into human beings step by step.

Let's ponder this. God consumed the seeds of human beings. It doesn't say any thing about spitting anything out or otherwise evacuating them. We were brought to our present condition step by step, within God. There is no need to seek God somewhere else. There is nowhere, either within ourselves or outside of ourselves that God is not! It is only our self-centered imagination that blocks us from fundamentally understanding this one truth. Go back and look at verse IV:105 in this context.

From that time on, God's providence has been

by no means an easy matter.

God's providence has to do with the step by step development of the world of objects and human beings. God's providence, the support of the objective world is a difficult matter. God's free and unlimited working is the mind of God that works that difficult providence.

Is it possible that we cannot see God's free and unlimited working because our self-centered imaginations unreasonably demand providential proof as shown in the world of objects while God is offering us single-heartedness with the mind of God that exists prior to all objects?

Do not think of this talk as being trivial.

I desire to save all people in the world.

I certainly don't think that this is a trivial talk how about you?

Know that he mind of God is truly filled

with deep concerns for you day after day.

Both the mind of God and God's providence are constantly present and on our side. How often does the self-centered imagination allow that to come to mind? The fundamental replacement of the core of the mind sees the above verse as understood.

Until now, to God's regret,

Nihon has been dominated, obeying those of Kara.

By now we know this theme. The self-centered imagination "Kara" is the fundamental basis of human thinking and is dominating and depressing "Nihon", the original mind. The human mind that is single-hearted with God.

Watch the workings of God given in return!

No one will be able to imitate Me, whoever one may be.

It is interesting that this topic of returns should come up with the story of origin. How can we understand this return? It is instantaneous. I can move my hand because it is in God. It is the same with everything. Life is possible because it happens inside of God. Without God there is no life. Our actions appear alive because there are in God. There is no judgement involved in this return. It is immediate. Like looking in a mirror. What is there is what is reflected as it is at that time and no other.

No matter how strong they may be,

if God should withdraw, they will be powerless.

Because of the power of our self-centered imaginations we often get the idea that we are the cause of things. To some extent that is true but ultimately what is possible is only possible because we are living and evolving within God and are supported by God's providence.

It is the same as this for everyone in all matters.

Know that God will work freely and unlimitedly.

In all matters our self-centered imaginations are dependent. They are not free and unlimited. God however is able to work free and unlimitedly.

Ponder well! No matter how young, old, or weak you may be, I shall

give you my free and unlimited workings according to you mind.

No matter what our condition or situation God is offering to give us the gift of that free and unlimited working by allowing us to become single-hearted with God. This of course does not have anything to do with God's difficult providential workings concerning objects but is given according to the state of our mind.

Even until now, though you have lived in the same way,

none of you has known of God's free and unlimited workings.

Following the external objective appearances of the Model Life is not the same as becoming single-hearted with God.

From now on, I shall teach you about any and all matters.

Make certain you make no errors of the mind.

In following God's teaching in all matters, we are cautioned to remember that it is all about our mind and its condition, "clear or muddy", "self-centered or single-hearted", "Nihon or Kara".

"Sah, sah, you ask Me again about you affliction. You have devoted yourself daily for many years. The virtue of your devotion is reflected clearly in the world as My providence. Concerning your affliction, I have already taught that such manifestations are due to "innen" [causality]. The basis of My instructions is that I do not ask you to do anything difficult. But if you take it upon yourself to strive through difficulty, I shall fully accept your devotion. If you try to accomplish the impossible, what is not to be, cannot be done. "

Osashizu June 3, 1890 morning.

...hearing that there was a miraculous god at the Residence, the number of people coming to ask for salvation began to increase. Like a single stream, joining with other streams from here and there to create a large stream, the path of single-hearted salvation began to expand gradually. At the same time, however, jealousies and unreasonable demands increased in number as well, and this large stream began to be mixed with mud.

The 3rd Shinbashira October, 26 1994

...Oyasama advanced this path that leads to the completion of the Service, doing so in good order, step by step. While relieving people of their worries, She was careful to provide them with a new basis for their thoughts and to explain the origin of the world and how it come into being. In the process, she was always attentive to their step by step progress in understanding and spiritual growth.

The 3rd Shinbashira January 26, 1995


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?