Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Date: 11/11/00 9:55:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Comment on the verse 19-24, Part 4.

If the minds of the world are spirited in all matters,

the mind of God, also, will be spirited. v.20

As John points out in his comment on this verse, being spirited in all matter is indeed the most difficult thing for us. For instance there is an old question as to "why bad things happen to good people?". Or, how can you be spirited when you get a punch in the nose? Or, how can you be spirited when you are in the middle of the war and such.? "Eye for eye, ear for ear" is one solution to ease the victim's pain, but not good enough to make him/her spirited. The same is true with any form of revenge.

No matter how difficult it is for us to be spirited in all matters, the Truth of Heaven persists. The solution to the difficulty always comes back to the statement "you should reproach yourself" In the truly replaced mind, there is no hatred, grudge-bearing, anger, and such. Revenge simply does not exist.

These seem almost impossible to achieve. However God says that the replacing is our goal and that can be done.

God suggests that each of us proceed step by step. It takes time for our clouded mind to be replaced,it is a daily process. God suggests that constantly doing the Service will calm your mind and gradually you will be able to see the Truth. The replacement takes place little by little. This is the wonder of the Service. Self-reflection alone cannot accomplish it.

End of my comment.




Kuniharu Shimizu


Wishing Joyous Life for all