Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV: 19-24

If only all of this comes to be seen,

all of the minds of the world will be spirited.

There are of course many interpretations of what, "If only all this comes to be seen" refers to but let us in this instance assume that it is referring to the theme summarized with verse IV 17; "Day after day, the mind of God impatiently awaits those of Kara to replace their minds entirely." To replace the mind entirely then would amount to replacing it in all matters. This implies seeing all things with a completely different point of view and in so doing becoming a totally new person in what would certainly appear to be a totally new world.

If the minds of the world are spirited in all matters,

the mind of God, also, will be spirited.

We are encouraged here to make our mind spirited in all matters. In my rather narrow experience I have encountered some people who would agree with this advice and some people who, in many circumstances, would think it inappropriate. In fact I can pretty clearly remember arguing against it some thirty years ago when I took two positions in defense of the reality of the worldly common view. In the first case, though there is agreement that being high spirited in all matters is a worthy goal, yet there is also the objection that illness and trouble cannot be denied and thus make it very difficult if not impossible to be high spirited in all matters. In the second case the argument suggests that being high spirited in all matters is a denial of reality or even a model that lacks compassion and which shows a disinterest in social justice. Both of these cases are responses from the point of view of "Kara". It is indeed very difficult to find one's way to high spirits in all matters from the point of view that is alienated from and does not know the truth of origin.

God views the worldly common, self-centered point of view, the point of view that is alienated from the truth of origin (Kara) as being the foundation upon which depressed thinking shapes our world. Recall that the state of our minds becomes the state of our world. The condition of our mind - depressed or spirited - is instantly reflected in God's mind and returned to us as the state of our world.

What do you think this path is about?

Marvelous things will come into sight.

We have encountered this question before. God asks it often; as it is clear that God's intention for mankind was and continues to be misunderstood. Recall that the poems of the Ofudesaki are the means of addressing human misunderstanding of the truth of origin. Those close to God were only able to approach God's teaching through the point of view of "Kara". Hopefully their efforts at understanding have cleared the way for us to return to the origin and savor the marvels that are seen through the mind like clear water and single-heartedness with God. That is the point of view of "Nihon".

Step by step, all things will come into sight.

Whatever your path may be, take delight in it all.

Step by step, of course, refers to the preparation of our mind. When we calm down our minds by degrees it will gradually settle and become like clear water. This is the setting in of the "Pillar of Nihon", the replacement of the mind of "Kara". It is also the way to the mind that, in all matters, understands the verse that heads this series.

If the hand movements of the Joyous Service

are learned day by day, how delighted god will be.

As God is in haste to embrace our return and share with us the understanding of God's true heart, we have been taught the means to quickly return our mind to its origin. When our mind truly reflects the origin God's delight will be reflected and returned as the world of Joy. Practice the Service with this intention and see for yourself. "Nihon" can clearly be distinguished from "Kara".

I impatiently await the performers of the Service

to gather quickly. What are you close to Me thinking?

God is in a hurry to show the way to replace the mind of "Kara" with the mind of "Nihon", embracing our return through the mind like clear water and returning a high spirited joyous life to all mankind. Again God's instruments are questioned then as now. In my own case I can only ask myself "if I am not showing the way to return the mind to its origin then as a Yoboku, what am I doing?" "Is mine the mind of 'Nihon' or of 'Kara'?"

The Ofudesaki relates the parental heart that is intent on completing the Service. It is our task to spread that intention throughout the world, to each country and each locale, and to make it serve as he foundation in teaching the path of single-hearted salvation.

The 3rd Shinbashira - Address October 28, 1987