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Date: 10/15/00 8:47:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: kuni@tenrikyo.or.jp (kuniharu shimizu)

Comment on verse 1-6, Part 4.

For the people then, these verses are encouragement. Oyasama told of the constructive steps toward the universal salvation, that would result in much wider acceptance of the Path in the then society. One constructive step was that Oyasama went to her brother to receive the Kagura masks that she had asked him to construct earlier. This happened on May 5th. Another step was granting of the Proof Amulet. Oyasama promised ever broadening of the Path with her words as well as the actual events.

For the people now, these verses do the same effect. What one's future will be, is everyone's concern. People just starting the Path. People already walking on the Path. People all have certain amount of anxiety because nobody is able to tell the future. By savoring these verses, people can strengthen the trust on God, and keep walking on the Path.

The verse 6, "a thanksgiving pilgrimage" refers to a common practice in the then society. A lot of people, young and old, men and women, found temporary escape in a pilgrimage to the Ise Shrine, a prestigious Shinto shrine in Mie Prefecture. On the way to Ise, many of such pilgrims passed by Shoyashiki Village. Taking this as an example, Oyasama promised that the Residence would be like the Ise Shrine.

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Kuniharu Shimizu


Wishing Joyous Life for all