Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.



Nothing should be called illness.

Should your body be afflicted, it is God's call for your service.

Whose body is ill? Whose body is it? The self-centered imagination imagines ownership of the body and any affliction that occurs to it. To awaken to the truth of illness and the body we must serve, return, pay attention to, and understand the truth of origin.

This call for your service might not easily be understood,

for the thoughts of God are mountainous.

The thoughts of God are mountainous because they constitute every detail of the universe, rising up as name and form out of the boundless origin.

If all the thoughts of God about everything are taught to you,

your minds will be spirited.

The thoughts of God about everything are known by the mind like clear water. This is the truth of origin, the truth of any and everything in detail.

When I have taught your all of My thoughts step by step,

your bodies, too, will be refreshed.

When step by step, the human mind is returned to its original condition the mind and body will be renewed and refreshed by assuming the point of view of origin, the very nature of which is high spirited and immortal.

Again, I impatiently await the coming Joyous Service.

What it is, is the Kagura Service.

As always, God is in a hurry and has shown the way to return quickly, through the sincere performance of the Service. By distinguishing between the mind like clear water and the self centered imagination we can ensure that we are sweeping away more than we are accumulating. We might also benefit from pondering and comparing God's impatience with our own thoughts on this matter. This too is a way of distinguishing God's thoughts from our self-centered thoughts.