Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV: 53-57

Listen closely! I teach all things to everyone.

I do not discriminate among any of you ever.

Close attention is called to the theme introduced with the verse above. In the past we have discussed the promise of being taught the truth of any and everything. It refers to the truth of origin, the truth of all things in detail. It is not an accumulation of worldly common truths nor can it be known in a worldly common way. It is the truth that is known by the mind like clear water, the mind that has returned to the origin and is single-hearted with God.

It is not difficult for my self-centered imagination to grasp the promise that God is reaching out and teaching me without discrimination. What I think is much more difficult to grasp is the ramifications of that promise when it includes all minds in the world at all times and in all places. Certainly if there are conditions necessary to learn what God is teaching they must be universally available and accessible to all human beings. This, I think, is perhaps of prime importance for those who would be instruments "yoboku" of God in opening and maintaining this path of single-heartedness with God.

People come to Me from whatever places.

It is because they all are of the original causality.

All human being are capable of returning to the origin because they all exist because of and rise up within the origin. The truth that is promised is already and has always been in place at the origin of our mind. This is the truth of our original and most intimate relationship. Deeper even than the understanding that we have of our self as a separate body.

This is the Residence where I began human beings.

Because of this causality, it is here that I descended.

This refers to the truth of origin revealed in the world through Miki Nakayama who awakened as a shrine of God to teach the original cause and origin of all things to the world.

Hereafter, I shall teach all about My workings for the

salvation of everyone throughout the world.

Having established the criteria that there will be no discrimination in teaching each of us throughout the world, the method of teaching must be very simple indeed.

I shall teach all about universal salvation step by step,

and solely distinguish between Kara and Nihon.

And indeed it is simple. The human mind is either original "Nihon", fundamentally directly drawing on the power of the origin for its reason and guidance or it is alien "Kara" fundamentally drawing on its self-centered worldly common truths for reason and guidance. God is offering the truth and power of the origin. To distinguish it from the self-centered imagination God teaches ways to step by step calm and quiet the self-centered imagination until it eventually settles like clear water. When the alien is quieted and removed what remains is the truth of any and everything, the truth of origin. Thus can we distinguish between the alienated mind "Kara" and the original and natural mind "Nihon". Everyone has a mind and everyone can make the distinction between the original and the imaginary. It only requires the true sincerity to do so. Test it for yourself and see if it isn't so.

You feel it is more than you can bear. Listen well and understand. The path is the truth for eternity. You must quiet the mind and settle it in the heart.

Timely Direction July 3. 1900

To convey God the Parent's intention equally to every person throughout the world without any preference for one over another and to open a path for each to receive God the Parent's blessings - that is what is meant by "I shall level the ground".

Address April 19, 1995 The 3rd Shinbashira


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?