Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV: 58-63

Day after day, the path that distinguishes between

Kara and Nihon: this is the single intent of God's hastening.

God is hastening us to embrace the path that day after day and indeed in all matters shows us the way to distinguish between our original mind and our self-centered imagination.

If this path is quickly distinguished,

everything will proceed as God intends.

In order to make the distinction between "Kara" and "Nihon" clear in our own mind we are hastened to distinguish the path that quickly shows the way for us to make that distinction and understand God's intention. Recall that the purpose of these poems is to overcome our human misunderstanding of both God's intention and God's efforts to show us the way or path for us to awaken to understanding that intention. In short it is possible for us to misunderstand both the destination and the way to get there.

Today is the beginning of marvelous things. All of you

will come along with Me because of the original causality.

If we carefully listen and follow the directions exactly as given by God, then "marvelous things", indeed the truth of all things in detail, will be our reward.

In large part our misunderstanding and lack of understanding flows from our worldly common ideas and truths concerning our relationship to God and the origin. The original causality is our original and natural state. What is called the original cause is not in some other time or some other place. We exist because it exists. The original cause is the very core of our being. It is here even now!

About causality: though people are numerous,

never think that I discriminate among any of you.

In the youthful years of human beings and the world most of us worked out truths concerning our relationship to gods and powers beyond our control. Even amongst those close to the Residence of Origin there was a strong expectation that the God of Origin was just another god much like any other god. There was an expectation that god needed to be appeased, placated or approached through formulas of worship, oracles, ritual magic and other such well known devices. Certainly there was an expectation that some human beings were better able than others to approach, control or be heard by the gods. Also it was often understood that in the relationship between the gods and human beings the gods both gave and took away. Sometimes acting with a cause but also randomly and without reason. In looking at the Model Story "Hinagata", I believe this describes the situation that the Nakayama family found itself in, prior to Miki's awakening as a shrine of the God.

To God, who began this world,

all of you are equally My beloved children.

This is the second time that the word "children" appears in these poems and the first time that it appear in this Book IV. The elements of this poem are relationship, equality and parental love. First: it will be apparent to almost everyone (there are some unfortunate families where the metaphor fails) that the parent child relationship is the most intimate or human relationships. Parents and children are literally the same flesh and blood. Thus what is modeled is the truth that our relationship with the true God of Origin is the most intimate and perfect of relationships. Second: that perfect relationship exists equally for all human beings. In our efforts to sort the original from the imaginary this knowledge coupled with true sincerity is a very powerful tool. Lastly: we are shown that our most intimate relationship with the God of Origin is a relationship of parental love. I could not be true to the memory of my own biological parents if I saw that relationship as anything less than the perfection of tireless parental giving and care. My parents always gave me the best advice. Like God the Parent they tirelessly continued to try and help me to understand, even as time after time I failed to understand their intentions and did not take their good advice.

When we sincerely ponder the significance of these three elements, intimacy of relationship, equality of affinity and perfect parental love. And weigh them against the accumulated dust from ages of not knowing or understanding the truth of our relationship or the intentions of God our Parent, God of Origin. Then God can return our sincerity and in doing so, like a broom, sweep the of ages of accumulated dust that depress God's true heart at the core of our being and reveal the truth of origin the truth of any and everything in detail.

Because of My love for all My children,

I exhaust My mind in every kind of way.

Even now at this time and in this place God is working tirelessly "in every kind of way" to help us to awaken quickly to the understanding that comes with single-heartedness with God. By following God's directions as given. By carefully pondering the Model Story "Hinagata". And by honestly accepting the Model of Parental Love that is shown in these poems, we can all find the way to lift the burden that is depressing the high spirited truth of origin and let the joy of God's intention out into the world. This can be done quickly. Even now, no matter what kind of mind we may have had to this point. Our original parent is waiting to embrace us at the origin. Make the distinction, let the voice of the imagination fall quiet, watch closely, listen carefully and return to the origin now.

This is the essence of being a follower of this path. To respond to Her intention by attaining spiritual maturity even one day earlier, each of us must begin by settling our own mind.

Address April 19,1995

The 3rd Shinbashira

[God the Parent]"Oyasama taught a path to enable us to sweep away the mind's dust by using God the Parent as our broom. This path, I believe, consists in living each day in accord with God the Parent's teaching, which is to say, "Oyasama's" teaching. Putting "Oyasama's" teaching into practice without the slightest artifice or doubt is the means to sweep away the mind's dust, and whether or not we do this depends solely on our own mind. It can be done, in fact, without anyone's help.

Sermon October 26, 1994

The 3rd Shinbashira

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?