Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 64-69

I desire to teach everything to your children quickly.

Take notice of this hastening in the mind of God!

Once again our attention is called to God's intention that we finish the path of single-hearted salvation quickly. When we read this we may think that though this hastening has do to with what God wants or desires it is a request that is not totally in line with what we think our-self capable of doing. This calls to mind a common scenario. Our parents hasten us to do a simple thing quickly and we proceed to view it as a difficult task and do in our good time or perhaps not at all. We might take on the attitude of "what difference does it make". In this case at hand there are deep truths associated with God's hastening. Since the state of our mind becomes the state of our world, our doubts, fears, hesitancies and rationalizations become the truth of our world. This being the case we cannot understand the true heart of the Parent as long as we think that we cannot do so. Our self -centered imagination just keeps on projecting our awakening into some future time and that becomes our truth. It is an automatic problem of sorts. To overcome it, we need only settle our self-centered imagination (which left untended to, imagines "I can't", "I can") to find that what remains, the mind like clear water, is the deeper, indeed deepest, original truth of self.

I wait impatiently for My children to awaken to the truth.

There is nothing else in the thoughts of God.

Awakening is the proper word here. When we go to sleep we do not imagine, " now I am turning off my imagination and falling asleep". We just fall asleep, without thinking about it. When we awaken we do not imagine " now I am waking up" we just wake up. So it is with awakening to the truth of origin. When the self-centered imagination is quiet and we are not asleep then our mind is in its natural and original state. The state where things are seen as they are, before our imagination imagines anything. There is no need to study ideas or to learn anything new. Spiritual awakening is just that, awakening. God's intention for human beings is the free and unlimited working of the mind and use of the body. God does not have any particular thoughts or ideas for us to learn. Once we awaken and understand we can work out our own way in the world freely and naturally from the point of view of the origin.

If I can only bring My children out into the open,

I shall change Kara into Nihon.

Where are we that we need to be brought into the open? In my own case it is appropriate to say that I have been lost in the darkness of my own self-centered imagination. Never seeing things as they are but only as I imagine them to be. Changing "Kara" (China) into "Nihon" (Japan) is the replacement of the self-centered imagination which does not know the truth of its own origin with the mind that knows the truth of its own origin, the truth of self, the truth that is single-hearted with God.

Make you minds truly firm, all My children!

The mind of God only hastens.

If we desire to do so, it is not very difficult to identify the self-centered imagination "Kara". It is the voice and pictures of our mind that we use to talk to our self about what we like and don't like in the world. Take a moment now and be aware of the voice and images of your imagination.

Day after day, God hastens in agony.

Please, quickly make preparations for salvation.

Perhaps when you "looked" at your self-centered imagination it went away leaving you seeing things as they are. This is of course the mind like clear water. In the beginning it may seem as though making the mind like clear water is a difficult thing. Making our minds truly firm refers both to our sincerity in this effort and the stability of our settled mind. The performance of the Service is an excellent way to return the mind to its original condition and make it settle firmly in the origin.

Thinking of the high places, those of you within are depressed.

But fear not, for God assures you.

There is never much to say about the "upper people", the people in "high places". They too are children of the Parent of Origin and they to have an equal access to the origin. Indeed from time to time as parents, employers and people of influence and authority we all get to play the role of "high places".

Those close to God at the time these poems were written were afraid of various authorities and were concerned with the safety of God the Parent. This genuine fear and concern only served to depress the mind. In fact no one can keep us from finding the truth at the core of our mind. That effort is an intimate relationship between our mind and God's mind. The effort to awaken and the outcome of that effort are determined by the way we use our mind and nothing else. Compare "Nihon" and "Kara" for yourself. One is free and unlimited while the other is conditioned and bound. God assures us the protection and joy of single-heartedness. It is up to us to accept it as it is freely given.

You must make a resolution of single-hearted devotion …To make such a resolution, human thoughts are entirely unnecessary. Away with faint-heartedness, away with hesitation. Sah, I ask you to ponder. From now on take the path of single-hearted devotion to God. The Diet [governing body, one view of "high places"] cannot settle the world. Only the path of single-hearted devotion to God will settle the world. The path of single-hearted devotion will lead you through even frightening events to true joy.

Timely Direction: February 7, 1891

We human beings wander about on the mind's dark paths having nothing to depend upon but our own self-centered imaginations. This is because we have not known the Parent of Origin, nor have we understood the divine heart.

October 26, 1992 The 3rd Shinbashira

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?