Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 70-75

The path already differs from what it once was.

Hurry! Hasten to the broad path!

Well, this certainly invites an inquiry into what the path once was as well as reflections on why it changed. Suppose that the path was originally intended to be simple and quick. So simple in fact that it is the same for every human being in whatever time and whatever place, without discrimination between any one person and another. And suppose that it was intended to be so quick that sincerely stepping out onto it is not the beginning of a journey, but an awakening! There is only one place where something that simple can be found that quickly. It is the awakening that comes from returning to the truth of origin that is known through the truly sincere mind like clear water.

We are hastened to the broad path, the main road. Settle your mind so it is like clear water and you are there. It is that fast and that easy. Only there is a hitch. The self-centered imagination imagines that the path is something difficult and must take a long time. Like a long and difficult journey. It would be funny if not for the fact that because of this fundamental misunderstanding so many people are stuck with suffering. In short, we have a propensity to look for knowledge and truth by turning our self-centered imaginations outward into the infinitely changing unknown. What God the Parent is hastening is a single step back to the origin where there is only the infinite known, the truth of origin, the truth of self.

You are wondering when this path will come.

Come out quickly, now is the time!

True to the propensity of the self-centered imagination we wonder when the path will come. As the truth of origin is always with us the path of return is also always with us. Indeed now is the time. Distinguish between the original and the imaginary. Let go of the imaginary and return to the origin now!

Step by step, I have informed you by My writing brush.

Quickly awaken your mind to it!

Just follow the instructions. Awaken your mind now! See the truth of things as they really are.

If you only come to understand this quickly,

your sufferings of the body will be cleared away.

There are two elements here, suffering and the body. Suffering belongs to our self-centered imagination. Who does the body belong to? We are hastened to settle the one and return the other.

About the Service: first the Teodori, then the Kagura.

Thus, I have opened just a narrow path.

Sometimes the imagination resists and will not settle. In that case nothing concerning the origin can be known. The Service is the way to settle the mind. It is just a narrow path but it is a trustworthy path that quickly leads the way to the broad path.

But weeds have gradually grown thick and the path is obscure.

Quickly, the preparations to open the main path!

I hope we don't let this happen to us. A path becomes overgrown and obscure because it is not used or maintained.

Fortunately the path can be restored as long as we have and are willing to follow the original instructions. God responds to our misunderstanding with compassion and patience. It is important that we be able to distinguish between God's response to the complications of misunderstanding and God's simple and quick intention for us.

…Because the path of the Divine Model is the one for all, you must follow the Divine Model. Nothing that replaces it can be called the Divine Model. If you invent the Divine Model from your mind here and there, making changes in the Divine Model, surely, there shall be no settling of whatever matters…

Oshashizu, January 7, 1891

…[W]ater, though originally pure and clear, gets mixed with dirt and debris as it flows away from its source. I also pointed out that in order to purify that water, our effort to sweep the dust of the mind is required.

Because we mix dirt and debris into the clear water of Oyasama's teaching, coloring the clear water with selfish interpretations to suit our own convenience, it becomes progressively difficult for the clear water to guide us to the Joyous Life. The difficulty, therefore, is actually something we have created ourselves. And now, the muddy waters have risen all around us. So the question is; "How do we make the muddy water clear?"

In the Ofudesaki, Oyasama writes:

Arrange to clear this water quickly. Purify it by using a filter and sand.

Do not wonder where this filter can be found. Your heart and mouth are the sand and filter.

Ofudesaki III:10-11

Here Oyasama teaches us that all will be well if we use the heart as a filter to purify the muddy water, our self-centered imagination, which we have mixed into the clear water of Oyasama's teaching, and thereby discover the true teaching.

Address: October 27, 1994 The 3rd Shinbashira

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?