Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 76-81

Day after day, hasten with spirited minds.

If only the main path be quickly opened.

Recall that the "main path" is the single-heartedness with God that is known through the "mind like clear water." The "narrow path" that has been opened is the Service. Through the Service the mind can be settled and the distinction between the original mind of God and our ordinary self-centered worldly common point of view be made quickly known. Once this distinction is made the truly sincere mind can choose to identify with the origin and thus step out on to the "main path" of single-heartedness with God.

When this main path is truly opened,

thereafter you will lead a life full of joy and promise.

This is the promise and it is indeed immediately delivered in accordance with our mind of true sincerity.

Even more do I hasten to save the villagers.

Please ponder quickly!

God is aware of the forces that shape our sense of self and view of the world. These poems are sensitive to the pressures on the villagers both from within their own minds and from without. As we read these poems we should be aware that God is tirelessly reaching out to the villagers in whatever way seems appropriate to reach the villagers in a particular time and place. This then is a model for anyone who would follow the "Divine Model of Parental Love".

To God, people throughout the world are all My children.

All of you equally, know that I am your Parent!

This is both an encouragement and a warning. We are encouraged that God's parental love is equally available to all human beings, in any time and any place. We are also warned not to confuse the conversations that may be necessary to reach villagers in a particular time and place with the essence of the "main path", the truth that is known through the truly sincere mind like clear water, single-heartedness with God.

Throughout the world, I have begun what is known as sermons.

When they are delivered, you may go and hear them.

And so it is that God has begun sermons all over the world. We are invited to go and hear them. Often these sermons are very close to the core idea of how villagers in a particular time and place see themselves in relationship to God, each other and the world. Often it is through those sermons that we seek to communicate with the mind of God.

Whatever may be said about things already seen,

unless the origin is known, there can be no understanding.

Here we see God using a device to distinguish between the origin and the self-centered imagination and its objects (ideas, bodies and the world). The origin exists before any name and form (ideas, bodies, worlds) and is thus characterized as the unseen. While the self-centered imagination and the objects that it is attached to are characterized as the "seen". The truth of origin then cannot be known or understood by the outwardly turned mind that seeks understanding in things "seen", ideas or objects, all of which owe their existence to the origin but none of which constitutes an understanding of the origin. So, though we are invited to go and hear whatever sermons God has begun throughout the world unless we know the truth of the origin there can be no understanding of them. Without knowing the origin it can and does appear as if there are numerous sermons each claiming to have the unique names and forms that constitute the truth of the origin for all mankind while all the time maintaining a decidedly local and village point of view. That is to say holding the "seen" to be the truth of origin as opposed to the truth that is known through the mind like clear water, which is the same truth for all human beings in all times and all places. The truth of origin, that truth which exists before any thought of name and form.

The path of God [Kami-no michi] and the path of those in high places [kami-no-michi]: these sound the same. But the world's path is a path of manifestations, whereas God's path is the path of the heart.

Oshashizu January 27,1891

…[T]he true way to acccomplish, settle, or consolidate anything is to use the One Truth, which originated everything in the beginning where there were no forms.

Oshashizu May 30,1899

Among the series of events in the life of Oyasama, there are numerous instances of Her teaching the world the truth about the origin -- though, it should be noted, She taught the origin not just in these numerous instances but, in fact, in all those events.

Address: April 19, 1992

The 3rd Shinbashira

What kind of mind is the "true mind which communicates with god the Parent"? The "true mind which communicates with god the Parent, " I believe, is a mind that is single-hearted with God. The mind worthy of the ideal of God the Parent and Oyasama, worthy of the Joyous Life which was the foundation of human creation -- the mind of true sincerity as taught by Oyasama -- is the "true mind which communicates with god the Parent." Therefore we ought to give serious thought to purifying our own minds to accord with the teachings.

Address: October 27, 1992

The 3rd Shinbashira




All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?