Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV: 82-92

Step by step, I shall tell you solely about things unknown.

When they appear, you will know that it is the truth.

Though always present, the truth of the origin and our relationship to that truth is unknown to us. When we sincerely follow the instructions for single-heartedness with God, that relationship and that truth will appear to us as the truth of any and everything.

All of you children who lean on God,

quickly make preparations to go out into the open.

We have often spoken of making the distinction between the original and our self-centered imagination. Ordinarily, in a worldly common way, we fundamentally lean on our self-centered imagination as our guide. When we lean on God we no longer depend upon our self-centered imagination. We are hastened to quickly follow the instructions for removing the obstacle of the self-centered imagination and in so doing allow the truth of origin to be revealed.

If you truly desire to go out into the open,

calm your mind and seek the core.

In case there is any question as to what is to be done to bring the truth of origin into the open we are clearly and directly instructed to calm our mind and seek its core.

You children, when the innermost heart has been

truly ascertained, you shall have all My arrangements.

The core that is spoken of is the innermost heart. To identify the innermost heart it is only necessary to calm the self-centered imagination and be what remains. We are hastened to look within our self to reveal the truth of any and everything and in so doing enjoy all of Gods arrangements for a free and unlimited (not bound by the causality "innen" that drives the self-centered imagination) joyous life.

Though the mind of God hastens day after day,

there is no understanding in the minds of you children.

Though God hastens tirelessly on our behalf, we tend to misunderstand God's intention and in so doing we continue to look for the truth of origin in our self-centered imaginations, where it cannot be found.

With My children, as their number is not small,

there are so many whose heart is yet without understanding.

Though the truth of origin shines within us, we do not see or understand it because the dust of our self-centered imagination obscures and denies it.

Even until now, though people speak highly of a thing called learning,

no one knows of things yet unseen.

The self-centered imagination looks amongst the objects of the infinite unknown, the paths of the world, for the truth of origin, the truth of any and everything in detail, and cannot find it. It is there but the self-centered imagination cannot contain it.

Hereafter, I shall teach you

any and all things yet unseen, step by step.

Step by step the way is shown to calm the mind, making it like clear water. It is through the totally sincere mind like clear water that the hitherto unseen truth of origin and single-heartedness with God is known.

From now on, step by step, I shall teach you the Service unknown

since this world began and train you in its hand movements.

Step by step we are promised the Service, the way that will calm the mind and reveal its core.

This Service is the path of salvation for the entire world.

I shall enable even a mute to speak.

The Service that calms the mind and reveals the core, is the path of single-heartedness for all times and all places. That even a mute is enabled to speak is because in single-heartedness with God there are no words exchanged. Communication is instantaneous. The truth of origin is an identity. The original reality and not an idea made of words.

Be firm day after day, you performers of the Service!

Calm your minds and learn the hand movements quickly!

In my own case my self-centered imagination turns in and settles and then turns out again. Firmness day after day determines how often and how long it is settled and how often and how long it is turned out and lost without any sure guide in the darkness of the infinite unknown.

Recently my self-centered imagination settled for a nice part of a day. The joy of the day is inexpressible. Recently I became angry. I could hardly breath and could barely speak. It is disappointing but it is also a proof of what is taught. There is no sense in dwelling on it.

The paths of man are many and unknown. The paths of man are a thousand, the path of God is one. The paths of man are a thousand but with the path of God, I do not tell you to do anything in which the results are unknown.

Timely Direction: November 7, 1889, ten-forty in the evening.

We endeavor to sweep the dusts of our minds, following the path of the Parent single-heartedly, and engage n the construction of our minds. We also endeavor to advance toward the Joyous Life, helping one another. We spread the teachings and engage in salvation work. These are all steps on the path toward the completion of the Service which was taught and arranged by Oyasama.

Sermon on January 26, 1986 The 3rd Shinbashira