Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


IV 93-103

What do you think this Service is about?

It is solely to bring peace to the world and salvation to all.

Recall that there was some misunderstanding about the Service. Ordinary worldly common thinking assumed that for some reason God wanted something from us. This verse makes it clear that God does not want anything from us. God wants to give something to us that we are currently unable to receive. For that reason God has shown us the way of the Services for preparing our mind to receive the gift of heaven.

When this path is clearly seen,

the root of illness will be cut off entirely.

When the verses at the head and foot of this page are understood from the point of view of single heartedness then indeed "the root of illness will be cut off entirely". Oyasama modeled this point of view for us and it is clearly shown in the Model Life "Hinagata".

According to your mind of sincerity,

I deny My protection to no one, whoever you may be.

The model of parental love shown in this verse is perfect and access to the truth of origin is guaranteed to all. We only need the sincerity of mind to accept it. That is the truly sincere mind that has returned to its origin and single-heartedness with God.

About the present path: god is hastening.

Those of you within need not worry. Watch carefully!

Though it is difficult for most of us to imagine now, those who were close to God at the time that these poems were written were afraid both for Oyasama's safety and for their own safety and reputation. This was meant to assure them and us that there is nothing to be afraid of in quickly awakening our mind to the truth of origin.

I have already told you the path will be changed from

what it was until now. There is no mistake in what God says.

God made and continues to make changes to the path of single-hearted salvation. The changes made are not to correct for mistakes in the path but to accommodate the misunderstanding and lack of understanding of the children.

Hereafter, I shall not be able to tell you of this growing

impatience in the mind of God, even should I so desire.

The path is changed to respond to the misunderstanding of the children. The misunderstanding being so complete that direct communication with God's heart was not very likely.

However difficult it may be, if things are left untold,

there will be no chance of understanding.

Even though communication was less than ideal God was still going to make the effort to teach us the way so that we might understand the truth of origin and single-heartedness with God.

Day by day and step by step,

I shall teach you the thoughts of God. Please listen to Me.

To keep this chance of understanding open for us, God created a step by step path for the purification of the mind so that it would be made able to receive the gift of heaven.

This path may be somewhat difficult,

but it is marvelous indeed. Watch it carefully.

Though it is common for the self-centered imagination to imagine that the path is difficult it is none the less a path of marvels. The marvels can be seen and savored if the path is watched closely. This watching closely is true sincerity itself.

After you have completed taking this path,

Kara will become Nihon.

When the self-centered imagination "Kara" is swept clean. The mind will become like clear water and return to its origin "Nihon".

When Kara becomes Nihon,

this will be the passage to eternal joy.

When the self-centered imagination gives way to the original mind like clear water the world of joy shines forth. It is indeed a joyous and marvelous path.


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?