Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


V 30-40

Take no short cuts. Have no greed or arrogance.

Come out to the single and straight path.

The "single and straight path" is the path of single-heartedness with God. We tread the single and straight path by sweeping clean our innermost heart. This appears difficult for us to do because our self-centered imagination is constantly drawn to the pursuit of "short cuts". Such "short cuts" are ideas that our self-centered imagination tells us are good for us but in fact are just variations on the same old self-centered ideas that lead us away from the truth of origin. Instead of to the one original truth that is known when the self-centered imagination is clear and quiet. I can only speak about my own case in this matter and I can say with some certainty that I know plenty of "short cuts."

These "short cuts" are themselves piled up like dust on the insecure foundation of the self-centered imagination's false claim on the body. In contrast, the mind that has returned to its origin understands that indeed the whole universe is God's body. Our self-centered imagination having borrowed a body we are advised to return it at once and in so doing experience the joy that flows from the truth of origin. Our refusal to return what is borrowed is understandably the well spring of all greed and arrogance.

When you have come onto this path,

this will be the Divine Record forever in Nihon.

The path that is spoken of is the path of single-heartedness with God. It is indeed the teaching of the one eternal path to the truth of origin.

When the Divine Record is made in Nihon,

I shall by all means manage Kara as I please.

When the truth of origin is understood through single-heartedness with God then our imagination becomes a free and unlimited tool of our joy for us to use freely as we please, instead of its current role as the fickle, bound and limited master of our causal destiny.

I have not spoken yet about the truth

of those things that came after I began this world.

We are passing from a theme dealing exclusively with the truth of origin to a theme dealing with worldly common truths that are not the truth of origin but are instead imaginary things that rise out of the truth of origin through our self-centered imaginations.

This talk will be difficult to understand,

but if it is left untold, no one will know.

This theme would be very hard and perhaps impossible to understand unless we are willing to follow God's directions and make the distinction clear between "Nihon" the truth of origin, and "Kara" the self-centered imagination, or the metaphors for the state of our mind "clear" and "muddy". As it is, our worldly common condition of being unable to distinguish between what is original and what is imaginary creates the difficult communication problem that exits between God and our self-centered imaginations. Even though it is difficult for us to understand if we are not told of that distinction then it is very unlikely that we will ever know it.

Step by step, I shall tell you of any and all matters.

Calm your mind and listen closely!

We are told that we are to be taught about matters that are not the truth of origin. It is crucial that we calm our mind to be able to hear clearly what is being said. We have been taught of the truth of origin and of the distinction between that truth and the worldly common truths of our self-centered imagination. Now God asks us to calm our worldly common thoughts and open our minds to the reason of heaven that flows from the willingness and ability to make that distinction.

Until now, there has been talk about various magical rites.

From now on, they shall have no effect.

In the past, such magical rites have been taught to the branches,

but watch the future.

Nihon has known nothing until now,

but look forward to the future path.

About magical rites: do not wonder who is making them effective.

They are worked by God, who began this world.

This is a very large theme and in it we can ponder its many faceted expression through all of the ages of man. We can get a feel for its scope in a particular time and place by reading the LIFE OF OYASAMA. Prior to becoming a Shrine of God, Miki's life is shown as being heavily influenced by just such kinds of rites. Her family and contemporaries must have been astonished and confused by such a complete change of attitude toward the worldly common truths that Miki had herself so fervently held, just as it were in the span of a single breath.

However difficult matters may be,

if only your sincerity is accepted by God...

We know now that it is the truly sincere mind that has returned to its origin that is accepted by God. It is indeed hopeful that this is so no matter how difficult matters may be. As we return to the origin and leave the creations of our self-centered imagination behind. Greed and arrogance fall away and what remains is the truly sincere mind like clear water, the mind of joy, the mind that is single-hearted with God.


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?