Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


V 68-77

From now on, I shall make every effort solely for the

preparations to make everyone in the world spirited.

Once again, this verse can be viewed within the context of God's efforts to address and overcome our misunderstandings of God's intentions. God wants all human beings to be able to enjoy high spirited play in the creation. I often hear the question asked," what does God want me to do", this verse answers that question. God wants us to be spirited.

I shall teach you step by step

so that there will be nothing unknown in Nihon.

We of course, often respond that we would like to be spirited but cannot do so because of the illness, trouble and death that plagues our human existence. Understanding our situation and the cause of our fears, God shows us the step by step way to awaken our mind to the truth of origin, wherein the truth of any and everything is known. And in so doing freeing our self from illness, trouble and death.

I desire to teach the whole world about all matters.

The intention of God is truly deep.

In the past we have talked about the long journey of mankind and the various worldly common themes that have been played out through all times and places. Though these are interesting and in many cases marvelous stories, we have seen that from the point of view of the origin they are shallow and worldly common. The intention of God is deeper than all of the thoughts in human minds and involves showing all the world the truth of all things. This is not just an invitation to play out a variation on another worldly common theme. It is an invitation and hastening for the awakening of a new kind of human being, new people in a new world. God intends that we awaken to a new world of high spirited play in God's limitless creation. We are promised a new world of joyous play from the point of view of "Nihon", knowledge of the truth of origin, the truth of all things.

Unaware of this, all the world

thinks My teachings are somehow dangerous.

We have seen examples of this in these poems and in the life of Oyasama. Some thought that God the Parent would harm them as they supposed other gods and goddesses did. Some thought that God's teaching would destabilize the society and interfere with the established order of things. For each of us there is the inevitable confrontation between "Nihon", the truth of origin and "Kara" the truths of our self-centered imagination. Recognizing its eventual replacement, the self-centered imagination rushes to its own defense. Imagining that awakening to the truth of origin is dangerous or evil the self-centered imagination can go to elaborate lengths to avoid its own settling. God is aware of this difficulty and encourages us to overcome the defenses of our self-centered imaginations with true sincerity. Indeed it is this sincerity that is the single most important factor in determining when we will awaken to the truth of origin.

Whatever I say, it is the word of God.

What danger can there be?

There are two elements of misunderstanding addressed here. For many people who heard God the Parent or who heard of the teachings of God the Parent, there was the natural assumption that Miki was a person with ideas and opinions just like anyone else. And that though her ideas were radical and perhaps the ramblings of an insane person, still they were just human ideas. God the Parent makes it clear here that the Miki's mind was one with the origin and was totally replaced by God's mind.

Further and I think that this is very significant; human beings have nothing to fear from God the Parent. At the time that this was written and certainly still today, this view was not and is not widely understood.

Though people speak about any and all matters,

there is no understanding.

This verse addresses worldly common thoughts and ideas in all time and all places in general but also specifically addresses the misunderstanding of the followers who thought that they understood God's teaching and intention but did not. Again this is not so much a criticism as it is a demonstration of God's awareness of the kind of problems that we have in moving our self-centered imagination out of the way so that we can see the truth for our self.

From now on, please quickly make preparations

truly to purify your innermost heart.

Having addressed a number of problems that we have with our understanding God of course tells us what we can do to rectify our misunderstandings.

As there are a great number of people in the world,

to purify all of them will be difficult.

We are by now aware that God has the intention of purifying all of the minds of all people in the world. We should also be aware by now that such a task will involve matching our sincerity with God's sincerity. Though God needs our help as instruments for this huge task, God does not want us to be overcome and dispirited by the size of the task.

However difficult it may be,

see the truth through your own mind!

For each of us our contribution to the task of awakening the world can be maximized by manifesting the sincerity to allow our own awakening and in so doing seeing the truth through our own mind.

When the mind is made pure and open to reason,

the truth will be seen of its own accord.

In case anyone wonders what the step by step instructions for this teaching are about, their intention is totally shown in the above verse.

To expose and become aware of the reaction of the self-centered imagination to this teaching, ponder the meaning and reason that flows from the mind like clear water and watch closely the way in which the self-centered imagination responds. This is the confrontation between "Nihon", the truth that remains when the mind is totally purified and "Kara", the self-centered imagination. Stay with the self-reflection on that confrontation with true sincerity and resolve and enjoy the marvelous creation as the mind settles and the truth is seen of its own accord.

The approaching confrontation...You may not know what confrontation it is. I draw everyone, everyone, everyone to Me. I draw everyone and everything to Me, I will open the portals to the whole world, open, open, open. Everything will be changed entirely.

Further on the request, "May we proceed with the worldly matters?": "It will not do, will not do, will not due."

Osashizu February 17,1887

Followers of the path, let us listen to the words of Oyasama with fresh minds. Let us renew our determination to make a new start, bring our minds into unity, and respond to Oyasama's words spoken in 1882:

"From now I shall begin to sweep clean the hearts of all human kind. "

Let us follow the path of Oyasama with confidence! "To open the portals and level the ground" means that Oyasama will purify the minds of all mankind equally.

February 18, 1986 - The 3rd Shinbashira



All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?