Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VI: 120-134

Everything in this universe is all by Tsukihi.

All human bodies are things lent by Tsukihi.

This verse, like the verses that frame the top and bottom of this page, addresses the fundamental teaching and in so doing places our fundamental problem with understanding the teaching in a higher relief. Tsukihi "Moonsun" is any and everything in the universe and every action within that universe (the body of Moonsun) is Moonsun's doing. Moonsun has imagined otherwise. We call that imagined separation "I", "this is my body" or the "self-centered imagination". Because we, Moonsun imagining to be separate from Moonsun, have been unable to find joy in the "self-centered imagination", Moonsun now regrets creating this situation and is showing the way to return our self-centered imaginations to the truth of origin. However, because of the causal nature of the creation, our return to the origin must be voluntary and in line with the causality of returning to the origin. To test the truth of this assertion we are invited and shown the way to completely calm our self-centered imagination so that we can see for ourselves the joy that is the truth of origin.

If this truth is known all over the world,

no one will remain selfish or greedy.

The ideal of a world without selfishness and greed has a long human history. In most cases the self-centered imagination imagines the ideal goal will be achieved when everyone thinks or believes the same things. A great deal of effort has been poured into attempting to convince and force a self-centered realization of this dream. In contrast, the world that has awakened to the distinction between the self-centered imagination and the truth of origin will settle into being a world without selfishness and greed of its own accord.

If only My mind is truly understood,

there will be nothing fearful or dangerous.

When offered the teaching of the truth of origin it is not unusual for the self-centered imagination to resist. One of the most effective means that the self-centered imagination uses to fend off the truth of origin is to entertain ideas that erect obstacles that fall in the categories of fear and danger. The antidote to these obstacles is sincerity and the confidence that the step by step path that Moonsun has laid down for us will lead us, if we follow it, to eternal joy through single-heartedness with the origin.

But you erased everything Tsukihi taught.

What remains is only the human mind.

We can learn quite a bit from this verse and this theme if we follow what is implied. Though it is natural for the self-centered imagination to want to receive Moonsun's blessings it is also natural for the self-centered imagination to convert Moonsun's teachings into ordinary worldly common self-centered ideas. When we look at how the path is made and the state of the path at any given moment it would be prudent to keep this verse in mind so that we can be sure to tread directly on Moonsun's path and not a path of the self-centered human mind.

Even until now, though I wished to teach you

the truth of the beginning of this world,

This can be approached as speaking of events that happened in the far distant past when a God named Moonsun created the universe and I would not say that such an interpretation is incorrect, however we can also view this as referring to events that are much more immediate. We could say that that the whole universe is Moonsun and always has been Moonsun. Even now everything is Moonsun and what Moonsun says and does. At every moment Moonsun is the beginning of this world. It is only the marvel that is the self-centered imagination that imagines otherwise.

And though the mind of Tsukihi hastens day after day,

know that I am waiting for the appointed time.

The interaction of the mind of Moonsun and the self-centered imagination is one of hastening our awakening through single-heartedness with God. However, as long as the self-centered imagination remains the fundamental truth of a mind that relationship will remain one of hastening and God will continue to hasten day after day. What is the appointed time? I think it is the time when the settling of the self-centered imagination reflects the causality of origin as the mind like clear water and returns to the truth of origin. At that appointed time the relationship between the mind of God and the self-centered imagination melts away and leaves only the truth of origin, single-heartedness with Moonsun.

What are you thinking on hearing this talk?

Great blessings are intended by Tsukihi.

As always it is best to ponder and answer the question. We are assured that the reward for returning to the origin is great blessings and not some evil as may be imagined by the self-centered imagination.

Never take this to be ordinary.

Great is the intent in the workings of Tsukihi.

Ordinary refers to the mountain of ideas and beliefs accumulated as human thoughts and truths in the service of the self-centered imagination. Moonsun's intent is a genuine fundamental change in the human condition. An evolution of consciousness that goes far beyond the limitations of the ordinary worldly common accumulation of ideas and beliefs. Moonsun is hastening a new creation with new people in a new world of joy.

Though Tsukihi has often spoken of the free and unlimited

workings, none of them has yet been seen.

The ordinary worldly common human self-centered imagination has no trouble imagining what God's free and unlimited workings are. This verse makes it clear that they are not what we imagine them to be.

This time, when I truly show you My free and unlimited

workings, know that this is truth.

This time, refers to the time when the instructions for single-heartedness with God are followed sincerely and completely, then God's free and unlimited workings will be seen by the mind that has returned to the origin. It is that truth, the truth that is known through the mind like clear water, that is the truth of God's free and unlimited workings. That is to say that it is free of the limitations of the self-centered imagination and its attachment to the rather extreme limitations of claiming to be a mortal body.

Whatever is done, it is all by Tsukihi,

truly from My single intent to save you.

This repeats the assertion that Moonsun is the real actor in the universe. It also addresses the dual misunderstanding that Oyasama was on the one hand a goddess among many other gods, goddesses and spirits in Yamato that had miraculous powers. And on the other hand that Miki Nakayama was a human like any other, though perhaps insane or deluded, who was preaching dangerous and subversive ideas in the countryside. This verse clearly proclaims that Moonsun has no agenda other than our salvation from the sufferings that flow from the truth of our own self-centered imaginations.

The conception of a baby is by Tsukihi.

Giving birth to it, also, is by the work of Tsukihi.

That the world appears at all and that things are conceived and given birth are examples of the marvelous and miraculous free and unlimited working of Moonsun. Indeed it is the workings of Moonsun behind the grandest and the smallest works of the creation.

This time, as I am revealed, I shall truly show you

all of My workings in every matter.

Ordinarily the self-centered imagination is distracted by its ruminations on itself and what it likes and does not like. This distraction keeps us from seeing and experiencing the joy that flows from awareness of Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. When the self-centered imagination is distinguished and moved aside then the God's workings can be seen and enjoyed in every matter.

Be convinced when you see this, whoever you may be:

My free and unlimited workings are according to your mind.

The ability to see and enjoy God's free and unlimited workings is dependent upon the state and truth of our mind. We can distinguish and realize that state and truth of our mind by the words clear or muddy!

Whatever I may work, I shall work all things

according to your mind of sincerity.

The state of our mind becomes the state of our world. Our mind of sincerity is determined by how closely we follow the directions for single-heartedness with God. God is hastening us to quickly awaken to a world of joy. I think that we are aware that the self-centered imagination can and does imagine all sorts of reasons for not awakening right now. I think that we all know the drill. "Perhaps quickly in God's scale of time means a million years." Of course we can come up with all sorts of cleaver excuses, but they only serve to fend off single-hearted salvation by making those excuses the truth of our mind and hence the continued truth of our world.

Let's take a moment and identify and distinguish our self-centered imagination, the "mind's voice", the "mind's eye". Perhaps now we can see that it is the culprit that has been stealing our joy. If we can distinguish that truth now then perhaps we can more quickly and easily utilize Moonsun's path to return the self-centered imagination to its origin. There recreating it, then bringing it back into the world as a fully awakened and marvelous instrument of joy.

We act out this instruction to return to the origin as we practice The Songs for the Kagura: It is the setting up of the Kanrodai.

Sweeping away evils, hasten to save us. All mankind equally purified, the Kanrodai.

Upon the arrival of the promised time, God the Parent became revealed at the Jiba of Origin through Oyasama as the Shrine and began the ultimate teaching to save the entire world.

From that time on, Oyasama, in full accord with the mind of Tsukihi, revealed the truth of Origin, explained the truth of a thing lent, a thing borrowed, and taught the Salvation Service, thus laying the path of sincerity that brings joyousness in everything. Anxiously awaiting the maturity of all Her children who follow this path, She withdrew from physical life on January 26, 1887, shortening Her term of life by twenty-five years. Yet, out of the parental love for Her children, She remains at the Residence of Origin, ever living, and works for universal salvation.

All of us children who have been drawn to this path must reflect on the true purpose for which the teachings were founded and respond to the boundless parental love with which Oyasama embraces us.

INSTRUCTION FOUR , The 3rd Shinbashira