Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VI 14-19

There are a great number of people living throughout the world,

but their minds are all as if in a haze.

The "haze" referred to is of course the dust of the self-centered imagination which, like dust, distorts our perception of the world so that we cannot "see" things as they really are but rather only as we imagine them to be.

Day by day, your innermost heart will be purified and understanding

will come. You will come to see the truth as you mature.

We are promised that if we make a sincere effort to purify our innermost heart then understanding will come and we will be able to distinguish between the truth of things as they and the truths as we imagine them to be. We can then look forward to day to day progress and maturation as a return for our sincere effort. The more we remove the more we understand.

When this path is clearly seen, take delight.

Your future will be promising.

There was and perhaps continues to be a difficulty in "seeing" the path of single-heartedness with God. Indeed once the distinction between the original and the imaginary is made we can take delight in that truth and in so doing settle any anxiety that we might harbor about the future.

Step by step, hasten with spirited minds.

I am hurrying to have you go out to the main path.

As always we are hastened to respond to God's call with courage and high spirits. God is in a hurry to have us make the distinction so that we can step confidently out onto the path of single-heartedness with God.

When God has accepted the sincerity

in the minds of the ten performers of the Service,

Of immediate concern at the time that these poems were written was God's untiring effort to get the followers to perform the Joyous Service and in so doing prepare their minds to sincerely make the distinction between "fire" and "water" and return to the origin.

Thereafter, I shall teach you all of the thoughts of God

on every matter step by step.

Once the true sincerity of the mind is accepted the thoughts of God are made known on every matter by becoming single-hearted with that truth. The point of view of origin being the point of view that knows the truth of all things in detail.