Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


In the following poems "Tsukihi", MoonSun, continues to make every effort to overcome our misunderstanding of the truth of origin. Before we look at the next series of poems perhaps it would be appropriate to summarize a bit and say a word about why we human beings find the truth of origin difficult to understand. If we can come to grips with our difficulties in understanding, perhaps we can understand and awaken to the joyous life even a moment sooner.

I have often heard it said that it is not possible for the human mind to become like "clear water" . If that were the case we human beings would not have developed sufficiently to have the necessary mental equipment for awakening to the truth of origin as taught by the Parent of Origin. This teaching makes it clear that all human beings, without exception, have developed to the point where it is possible for us to know and savor the truth of our origin. Miki Nakayama and those who have followed the path to single-heartedness with God as known and savored through the mind like clear water are the proof of that. This misunderstanding that the "mind like clear water" is an impossible mental state falls under the category of denial. While embracing this state of mind the self-centered imagination denies the possibility of awakening and remains lost in its own darkness. It does this because it imagines that it is doing what is best for itself. However even the state of denial is not a hopeless situation. The self-centered imagination often cannot get out of the situations that it gets itself into and when confronted with disaster and powerlessness it often flees or surrenders to a higher power. Indeed it is through illness and trouble that most of us are drawn to the truth of origin. Some in a gradual step by step manner, as through the truth of Service and others instantly as through the truth of the power of the origin, single-hearted salvation or the truth of the "Sazuke". One might question whether it is appropriate to speak of illness and trouble as being situations that our self-centered imagination has gotten us into. Recall that earlier in this book we were taught that the whole universe is the body of God and that we human beings are things borrowed. That is to say that we imagine that we have an existence that is separate from God. To see the truth of this assertion we are advised and shown ways to calm our self-centered imaginations and in so doing test the truth of the assertion for ourselves. This of course amounts to returning what is borrowed at once.

Still there are misunderstandings that arise while one is sincerely trying to embrace the truth of origin. These misunderstandings flow from the ordinary worldly common workings of our self-centered imaginations. Ordinarily we understand things by building on a foundation of knowledge and information. In this way we relate new information to old information and in that way make sense of it. Unfortunately the truth of origin cannot be known through the accumulation of knowledge and information as it resides in each of us deeper and more fundamentally than any ideas or information. As with our worldly common truths we would like to be able to imagine the truth of origin. Unfortunately, though we can awaken to the truth of origin it is unimaginable. That is why it is the " mind like clear water" that is the mind that knows the truth of origin.

Though the mind like clear water is the mind that knows the truth of origin, that truth cannot be adequately expressed in words or ideas. In order to teach, communicate and interact with our ordinary worldly common thoughts, it is necessary for God the Parent to speak with us in ways that we can relate to our ordinary self-centered thoughts and truths. To hasten our spiritual awakening and make communication between the truth of origin and our self-centered thoughts possible in all times and places, we are given models to follow. In the "Ofudesaki", "Mikagura-Uta", "Osashizu" and "Life of Oyasama" we are shown numerous ways in which God the Parent interacts with the human self-centered imagination to guide its progress back to the origin. The model for that communication is shown in ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the spiritual maturity of those who would seek to know the truth of origin. As we go through these models step by step, it is important that we, either eventually or instantly, identify with God the Parent's point of view as opposed to the self-centered point of view that is being hastened and addressed. God has promised to enter into the mud of our minds and make them clear. We are hastened to learn to distinguish between God's point of view and the point of view of the accumulated "mud" of our self-centered imaginations.

I have briefly mentioned misunderstanding due to denial and misunderstanding that naturally flows from an inability to relate to a truth that is fundamentally different from our ordinary worldly common way of thinking. I would like to mention one other obstacle to understanding. That is the misunderstanding that flows from attaching worldly common meanings to the poems at hand. There is a rather simple exercise that we can do to be sure that we avoid this obstacle. For each verse, we can identify a worldly common meaning, a meaning that points to the truth of origin as known through the "mind like clear water", and a meaning that shows the way to connect them in a way that is appropriate for time, place and maturity.

Let's continue then with the poems.


VI 87-96

So much thought has gone into beginning this world,

how deep is the regret in the mind of Moonsun!

Recall that this path is not a path of prayer. Prayer assumes that God is unaware of our plight. We pray to draw God's attention to our situation in the hope that God will come to our aid and give us what we pray for. This verse informs us that that God is not unaware of our situation. A great deal of thought has gone into the creation. The creation is working as it should with one regrettable exception.

The regret in the mind of Moonsun is the accumulated self-centered thinking in the minds of human beings. Despite Gods efforts in the creation, this one regrettable condition is stealing the joy from the marvel that is the human experience of this universe.

Only through the exhaustive efforts of Moonsun,

made step by step, have you become the humans you are.

It is not the case that God is unaware of our plight or circumstances. Nor is it the case that God is holding back any protection or care. God has and is making exhaustive efforts on our behalf. To imagine otherwise is just the work of the self-centered imagination.

Unaware of this, the high mountains at present

are rampant and doing as they please.

We have a choice here, "the high mountains" refers to someone else or it refers to us. Indeed it seems to me that my own self-centered imagination rises out of the origin and does pretty much as it pleases. So for me, I am "the high mountains". I mostly think about what I like and don't like. My imagination runs pretty much constantly and talks to itself about all kinds of self-centered topics. Fortunately through the performance of the Service one can "see" the distinction between what is original and what is imaginary. The more the distinction is made the less one is troubled by ones own thoughts.

This is the greatest regret of Moonsun.

This is no knowing what I may give in return.

The regret of Moonsun is the dust of the self-centered imagination in the human mind. Moonsun like a mirror returns the state of our minds as the state and truth of our world. Since our self-centered imaginations tend to take off in all directions in pursuit of immediate gratification and self-centered truths there is no knowing what mischief they might get into and no knowing what will be instantly reflected back as a result.

In this world, landslides, thunder, earthquakes,

and great winds are all from the anger of Moonsun.

This verse is constructed in the same manner as the verse dealing with illness and death. The anger of Moonsun is once again the accumulated dust in our human minds. For many people, dramatic weather and large scale natural events are a matter of life and death. Even in modern technological societies we still have occasion to speak of praying for good weather and we perhaps pray for relief from major natural events, again as if God is unaware of our situation or is doing less than the maximum for our protection and care.

Beware, you grand shrines and high mountains whoever!

There is no knowing when Moonsun will rush out.

Let all of you in the world take care,

for Moonsun will never hold back!

Moonsun has no choice but to reflect the truth of our minds back to us as the truth of our world. God like a "four fronted mirror" reflects it all, instantly, truthfully and fully. This is the warning. The way to change our world is through changing the state of our mind.

Having warned you about all matters as much as I can,

Moonsun will begin to work.

Again a choice needs to be made. This is either a warning about other people and places in times gone by or it is a warning for me.

In whatever things, bear no grudges.

It is all a matter of your self-reproach.

And if we had any doubt about God's anger and regret being the dust in our own minds reflected back to us as the state of our world this verse should settle that question.

I have told you this talk repeatedly step by step.

Please understand it thoroughly.

That the human body is a thing borrowed and that the state of our minds becomes the state of the world: These are the truths that are known through the mind like clear water; the mind that has returned to the origin. Let us take a moment even now and settle our imaginations so that we can feel the warmth and tireless care of the Parental Heart.