Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VI 97-111

All humankind, everything depends on the heart of each of you.

Know that Tsukihi is discerning it.

Though everything in this universe depends upon Tsukihi for existence, the quality of our human existence is dependent upon the way we use our minds. Tsukihi (Moonsun), like a mirror, instantly reflects the truth of our mind back to us as the truth of our world.

Ordinarily we might think that God discerns the state of our mind to judge it so that an appropriate return can be given. In the infancy and childhood of our species it was common to try and influence both god's judgement and the state of our world through the use of ritual magic and prayer. These poems have made it clear that the way to change the state of our world is by changing the state of our mind.

Once Tsukihi has truly discerned your mind,

I shall give you a return as soon as I have accepted it.

Among all of the truths and states of the human mind that are possible, there is one state that God is hastening us to awaken to and try out. That one state is our original state of mind, the mind like clear water. Though God instantly gives a return for any and all states of mind, it is promised that the instant return for the mind like clear water is true satisfaction and the joy that flows from God's free and unlimited workings.

Until now, whatever you have said or thought,

it was only from the human mind.

To help us to understand what is hastened, God explains to us that our ordinary self-centered human thinking is keeping us from fully experiencing the joyous life.

From now on, whether you do good or evil,

I shall give you a return at once accordingly.

The state of our mind is reflected back to us at once. The return we receive is either the return that flows from the workings of our self-centered imagination or it is the return that flows from the mind that has returned to its origin and is one, single-hearted, with the free and unlimited workings of the mind of God. The first can yield anything, both wanted and unwanted realities, while the second always yields true satisfaction and joy.

Until now, I have looked on with understanding,

but form now on there will be no allowances.

This refers to the slowness of the children to respond to the tireless efforts of God the Parent. We can see the changing tone in these poems as the children continue to misunderstand and deny the truth of origin. This is a chastisement for clinging to ordinary self-centered thinking while at the same time begging and praying for God's salvation.

The true Parent of this universe is Tsukihi.

It is I who protect you in everything.

At the time that these poems were written this truth was what was being misunderstood, suppressed and denied.

Hereafter, nothing I say will be false.

Take all My words to be true and understand them.

This is meant to counter the charge that what Tsukihi (Moonsun) taught was false. We are encouraged to take this teaching to be true and test its truth for ourselves.

Everything there is, was begun

by the sincere thoughts of Tsukihi.

Though this speaks of the source of all things, in this context I believe that Tsukihi is addressing the continued misunderstanding that God is doing less than the maximum on behalf of the creation. In this context the miracle of Tsukihi that is the universe is ignored, all the while the self-centered imagination prays for miracles that are imagined, for some reason, to be withheld.

Until now, when there was illness, you turned to

doctors and medicine. Though all of you have worried,

This refers to the worry and trouble that flows from the misunderstanding of the body as a thing borrowed.

From now on, I shall save you from any pains,

sufferings, or tumors by the Breath and the Hand Dance.

This refers to the return that is given to the mind that returns "at once" the borrowed body and returns to the total protection of the origin.

Though you have never known such salvation until now,

from now on, try it and see!

This is fundamental to the path. We are not asked to believe ideas but to try the path of single-hearted salvation and see for ourselves how the world looks from that point of view.

No matter how serious the illness may be,

I shall save you by the truth of Breath.

This speaks of the instantaneous awakening to the power of the origin through single hearted salvation. By creating the sincere opportunity to do so and letting go of the self-centered imagination, one instantly melts into the true parental heart. Therein there is no illness, suffering or death.

When Tsukihi has ascertained your mind's sincerity,

know that I shall grant you every kind of protection.

Though Tsukihi instantly reflects all states of mind both good and bad as the state of our world there is one state of mind upon which is conferred every kind of protection. That is the mind of true sincerity. The mind that has sincerely let go of the self-centered imagination and has returned to its true origin.

Your newborns shall be free from smallpox and measles.

They shall live on without illness or death.

Once again, this reflects the truth of the body as "a thing borrowed" that is known through single-heartedness with God.

Listen carefully: whatever free and unlimited workings

I may do, it is all from the mind of Tsukihi.

This is the true attribution of the marvel of single-hearted salvation. We are hastened to return to the origin and enjoy the free and unlimited workings that flow from the mind of Tsukihi. Let's take a moment and do that now. Identify the self-centered imagination, the voice and images of the mind, and let them settle. Savor what remains.

The marvelous salvation intended by God the Parent is not only to heal illnesses but also to make people spirited, to purify their minds completely, to bring peace to the world, and to reconstruct this would into the world of the Joyous Life.

October 28,1981 The 3rd Shinbashira

What I have said means none other than the following: the state of mind of man gives birth to the state of the world. The state of man, the truth of the mind of man, becomes that state of the world. You cannot find joy in this state, Therefore I teach.

Oshashizu, July 7, 1890

I believe there is no one here who does not understand, but if there should be one person in one thousand, it would mar the path. That doctors and medicine are not necessary is not My teaching. Being given up by doctors is like being thrown away. The foundation of My teaching is to save these sufferers. Understand me well.

Osashizu, October 17, 1893

Sah, sah, because Tsukihi exists, the world exists. Because the world exists, things exist. Because things exist, your bodies exist. Because your bodies exist law exists. Although the law exists, to resolve your hearts is primary.

Oshashizu , January 13, 1887