Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VII 105-111

From now on, whatever Service I may teach,

it is not from a human mind.

Two points here; source and content: Moonsun wishes to make it clear that the Service is not something invented by Miki's human mind, as it would be natural for those who doubted to think, but rather the Service comes from the mind of Moonsun. In terms of content this conveys the truth that the Services are not a collection or the result of human thoughts and ideas.

Tuskihi will teach on every kind of thing,

things never known since I began this world.

Once again we have this promise of being taught about every kind of thing. From the point of view of ordinary worldly common truths such a task would require an enormous amount of detail about the world and the way human beings live in it and interact with each other. From Moonsun's point of view we can be taught about every kind of thing by just understanding one thing, the truth of origin that is known by the mind that has returned to and understands the truth of origin.

This verse also excludes things (human thoughts and ideas) that have been previously known. This means that we really can't take our traditional worldly common truths along with us when we return to the origin. As we look at the way the path has been laid down we can see that the earliest followers often tried to do just that. This verse was intended to help them and us now, to understand that though there is no criticism of those worldly common truths intended, they will, at the time the mind moves to the causality of origin (the time of true sincerity) have to be left behind. I think we can see this clearly when we look at the model story of Miki's awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun.

Tuskihi never speaks about thoughts conceived in

the minds of human beings.

Recall the problem that is addressed here is concerned with the misunderstanding and lack of understanding that flows from giving worldly common meaning to Moonsun's teaching. However, even the cleverest of human thoughts cannot pass the test of the mind like clear water.

Moonsun will teach about every matter to all humankind equally,

and the world will be filled with joy.

Taken in the context of this theme, the ramifications of teaching to all humankind equally are astonishing. By just pondering this one verse the mind can move quickly into accord with Moonsun's mind. Everyone has a mind and everyone can purify that mind and return it to its original condition.

If only human beings throughout the world

have purified their minds and lead lives joyously...

The quick simple and direct path is once again hastened. Letting go of worldly common human truths one begins the purification of the mind. When settled, the joy flows from the origin unimpeded and Moonsun's free and unlimited workings are joyously seen in all circumstances and things.

When the mind of Moonsun is truly spirited,

so will all human beings.

The purification of our individual mind is instantly reflected as the truly spirited mind of Moonsun. The state of our purified mind is instantly reflected back from Moonsun's spirited mind as the truth and state of our world. This is true for all human beings.

When the minds of all the world are spirited,

Moonsun and human beings will be one in mind.

When the purified human mind is single-hearted with the mind of Moonsun. They are one mind just as they are one body. This is not a new truth. It has been the truth from the beginning. Only the self-centered imagination imagines otherwise.

In accord with the will of God the Parent to have all human beings lead the Joyous Life, Oyasama taught the Salvation Service from 1866 to 1882 at the path to universal salvation. During this period, She expounded the Truth of Origin and arranged every detail of the Salvation Service, according to the stages of the children's spiritual growth.

In the beginning, God the Parent created human beings out of the desire to see the Joyous Life that truly meets the wishes of God the Parent. We human beings were given free use of the mind by God in order that we might enjoy living the Joyous Life. Through the misuse of this freedom, however, we have strayed into a state of self-centered thinking.

God the Parent pitied us in this sad plight. Taking Oyasama as the Shrine, God appeared in this world at the advent of the promised time and taught the Salvation Service as the way to purify the minds of all humankind and thus lead us to the Joyous Life.

The life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo- Manuscript Edition

From the sermon on February 18,1986 the 3rd Shinbashira