Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Book VII or Part VII of The Tip Of The Writing Brush ,"Ofudesaki", was written in 1875. The cover page says " February in the 8th year of Meji. An old mother of 78 years". At that time God had been teaching and modeling a path of single-hearted salvation, through Miki Nakayama as the Shrine of Moonsun "Moonsun", for thirty-eight years. The poems eventually collected as "The Tip Of The Writing Brush" were written down during the span of years from 1869 and 1882. God the Parent "Oyasama" withdrew the physical appearance of Miki in 1887, at which time Miki was a woman of ninety years of age. God the Parent, "Oyasama", remains ever living at the residence of origin, the place where human beings are created. The purpose of the Ofudesaki poems is to overcome the misunderstanding that is natural to human minds concerning the truth of origin, the way to return to that truth and the true purpose of that single-hearted salvation.

Of the many possible views of these poems, one way might view the poems as a gradual unfolding of an ever deepening teaching that hastens the step by step perfection of the Service with the intention of gradually recreating a world of joyous life. From this point of view the Ofudesaki is a single work of seventeen chapters, one chapter leading to another. Yet another way to view these poems assumes that the various Books of the Ofudesaki address the problem of settling the seemingly infinite number of human truths that inhabit human minds in all times and all place and at all levels of spiritual maturity. God's intention being to enter into the many and various misunderstandings that are fundamental to our worldly common human minds and thoughts in a way that is appropriate for our time, place and spiritual maturity. And by making our minds clear of the "dust" or "mud" of self-centered thinking, the true core of all human thought is then revealed as single-heartedness with God and the original point of view of the joyous life. Both approaches have as their goal single-heartedness with God and the realization of the joyous life. This view assumes that the poems address types or categories of misunderstanding and that one can identify with the teaching that both suits their individual temperament and overcomes their misunderstanding. From this point of view a single poem, phrase or word may be sufficient to awaken a sincere mind from its self-centered dreams. Both points of view hasten the perfection of the service as the means of awakening to the truth of origin. Recalling that God the Parent teaches in ways that are appropriate for the time the place and the spiritual maturity of the children, these two views differ only in the human temperaments, truths and misunderstandings that God enters into to settle. The perfection of either view will yield the ideal goal of single-hearted salvation as it is known through the totally purified mind like clear water.


VII: 1-12

Thirty-eight years ago, Moonsun descended

because of the causality of origin.

At the time that this verse was written down, Miki had been teaching and modeling the point of view of single-heartedness with God and the joyous life that flows from that single-heartedness for thirty-eight years. The causality of origin refers to the fact that the circumstances necessary for Miki's mind to be replaced by the truth of origin had come to pass and that her worldly common human mind had been entirely replaced by the original mind of Moonsun.

Because this causality exists,

Moonsun desires to tell you all the truth in detail.

There are two important elements here. Because the causality of origin is realized in Miki as the "Shrine of Moonsun", Miki, now God the Parent, knows and is the truth of origin. And, because that same potential causality of origin exists for all human beings, She desires to teach the way to realize that causality of origin to all of us who wish to awaken to it!

Unaware of this, those in high places

think My teachings all to be worldly common.

Not knowing either the truth of origin or the truth of Miki's single-heartedness with the truth of origin. Influential people tend to mistake both Her intention and her teachings as being of the same nature as other self-centered worldly common truths. That is truths that are made up of self -centered ideas and views about things. The world is full of worldly common truths. In many instances conflict is the result when they come in contact with each other. That conflict can only be resolved at their origin where there is only one the one truth.

As this place is the Jiba of Origin,

there is nothing unknown about the beginning.

The "Jiba" of Origin refers to the place where human beings are made. To return to the Jiba is to realize the causality of origin and in so doing know the truth of origin of any and everything in detail.

Though Moonsun desires to make this truth

quickly known to the high places,

I think that it is always a good idea to take note of God's desires as concerns the time frame intended for our awakening. God wants us to awaken quickly. On the other hand the self-centered imagination can think of all sorts of reasons why the process should be slowed down and projected into the distant future or even halted altogether.

Unaware of this, those in high places

are thinking only about their selfish concerns.

Until we do something about it. The fundamental functioning of our mind is governed by our self-centered imagination. It helps to be aware of the ways in which our self-centered imagination counters God's teaching. Sometimes directly as rejection and suppression and sometimes subtly as distortion while sincerely trying to help.


Because Moonsun sees a dreadful and dangerous path

opening before you step by step,

Operating without benefit of the truth of origin the self-centered imagination has gotten mankind into all sorts of trouble. At least that is my experience of it.

Know that Moonsun worries

and is anxious to tell you quickly about that path.

Once again we are told of God's time frame for teaching us the way to realize the causality of origin. God is in a hurry. Our self-centered imaginations are not. God worries because God can see the kind of troubles our self-centered imaginations are prone to getting us into.

Just as you humans worry about your children,

I worry over your dreadful and dangerous path.

This verse tells us a great deal about the kind of relationship God has with us and with our self-centered imaginations. The path of God is a model of Parental love. The path of the self-centered imagination is a dangerous path. Like being lost in the darkness without a reliable guide to depend upon. Like any good parent God is concerned for the wellbeing of the children.

Unaware of this, all of you everywhere

are living your lives without heed.

Who has children who listen to the sincere advice and directions of their parents? Like many children we are often devotees of the "hard way" when in fact we could lean upon the Parent of origin and live the joyous life.

Know that Moonsun rules over everything in this world

without exception.

This verse can only be understood from the point of view of single-heartedness with God but by embracing it the self-centered imagination can stay oriented on the path that leads to the realization of the causality of origin.

What do you think this talk is about?

Watch the path which lies ahead.

We are once again questioned and it is as always a good idea to sincerely reflect and come up with an honest answer. Obviously we will either think that God's talk in this matter is either a worldly common talk made up of ideas and the like or a sure directive to the realization of the mind that truly reflects the causality of origin. When we watch the path that lies ahead we should see either the joy that flows from the realization of the causality of origin or the illness, trouble and suffering that has become the return of the unguided self-centered imagination. When we watch the path that lies ahead we can realize the truth of our human minds by the words "clear" or "muddy", joy or suffering.


We should bear in mind that all is happening through causality and that by means of people's words and actions, Oyasama is guiding us toward further spiritual growth. Above all, we must not forget to purify the mind. Purifying the mind will lead to settling the mind. Then whatever we encounter will bring us joy and even become seeds for savoring the Joyous Life.

 The Divine Direction delivered on December 23, 1897 tells us as follows:

If only you keep the truth of origination in mind, you need not

worry about anything at all. If only the truth settles in the mind,

there is nothing to worry about. I shall tell you one thing. I shall

tell you this... To the degree that you work, you will to that degree

see the truth from now.

Sermon at the Spring Grand Service January 26, 1993

The 3rd Shinbashira