Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VII 20-30

Day after day, as the intent of Moonsun is deep,

two or three trees will be found even at one place.

The deep intent that is spoken of is the intent to save all human beings. To realize that intention Moonsun will need the cooperation of human instruments. Deeply pondering this truth of God's need for willing instruments will of course help settle the truth of origin and the understanding of the original cause "moto no innen", the way of the causes "innen" that arise from the original cause, and the acceptance "tanno" of causes that, at least for the time being, cannot be changed .

Since God is working tirelessly all over the world and since all human beings have a mind that has an equal affinity for the origin it is not too difficult to find minds that are ready to give up illness, suffering and death in exchange for a life of joy. Helping those minds understand the intention in returning to the origin is tricky because of the workings of the self-centered imagination but by no means impossible.

Of these trees, I do not say whether male pine or female pine.

Moonsun has an intention for any tree.

This non-distinction is of course straight forward enough coming from God who has an equal affinity for all human beings regardless of their kind of mind or gender. However in the worldly common truths of the self-centered imagination this distinction is still the cause of suffering and injustice. Many of us still live in a world where self-centered imaginations are bold enough to speak for God and nature. This verse gives us the opportunity to ponder the way in which the state of our mind becomes the truth of our world. I am old enough to be able to remember thinking that I knew the true and natural place of men and women in the world. In my own case I can now look back on that as if I were recalling dreams that had no basis in reality at all.

What I shall talk about in the time to come

will be nothing but the preparations for My timber.

God intends to gather together people who will be instrumental in the recreation of the world of joyous life. I think that we will see that there are two elements to this preparation. First, there are the steps that need to be taken to draw people to the truth of origin and secondly there are the steps that need to be taken to prepare the mind for understanding the truth of origin. Concerning the first, I think that God's model shows the way to attract minds in ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the level of spiritual maturity of the minds being addresses. Concerning the second element I think that God has modeled ways to calm the mind and return it to its original condition so that the distinction can be made between what is original and what is the self-centered imagination.

O these timbers, it is not to be just a few.

I desire fifty or sixty in numbers of people.

After thirty-eight years of tireless effort God was still trying to gather fifty or sixty instruments or timbers. We can learn a great deal by pondering this. It was the case that literally no one understood God's intention. This was because God's teaching was being either denied or distorted by the good intentions of the self-centered imagination. As we are aware of by now the self-centered imagination is fundamentally incapable of capturing, and understanding in a worldly common way, the truth of origin.

I desire this number never to decrease

but to continue without break through all generations.

This kind of progression will of course be necessary to reach all of the minds in the world in ways appropriate for all times and all places and all levels of spiritual maturity.

So sincere are the thoughts of Moonsun,

but what are the thoughts in the minds of you all?

Moonsun's sincere thoughts are to save all human beings by calming the self-centered imagination and returning the mind to its original condition of single-heartedness with God. We are asked to review our own self-centered thoughts and to see how they accord with that intention.

Whatever I say to you in My tedious appeals,

it is solely from My single desire to save you.

The minds of this particular time and place were familiar with a great many gods and spirits each of whom had their own natures, needs and roles. Moonsun, the truth of origin, has only one desire and that is single-hearted salvation or the reuniting of human beings with their true origin.

If only all of you understand Me quickly,

truly from your innermost heart,

This verse summarizes the entire teaching and intent of Moonsun. Understand God, quickly, truly, from our innermost heart. Understanding comes from making our innermost heart a true reflection of its origin. This is the truth that is known through the mind like clear water. We are hastened to move quickly because of the mechanics of the way our self-centered imagination prioritizes things. If single-hearted salvation through the mind like clear water is our first priority then that will become the truth and state of our world. If we leave our self-centered imagination to set some other priority then that becomes the state and truth of our world.

Then Moonsun will rule over everything

and bring forth a myriad of saving graces.

Though the creative power of the self-centered imagination is a thing of beauty and a true marvel, it pales in comparison with the power of the origin. Look at the moon in the night sky. It is a scene of wondrous beauty. Look at the moon and the sun in the sky together. The sun is revealed as the true power and source of the moon's light and recognition of this true cause and relationship makes the moon pale by comparison.

From the desire to show you these blessings of salvation quickly,

the mind of Moonsun solely hastens.

Moonsun is solely hastening us to replace the lesser power and wonder with the source of all power and wonder but the self-centered imagination is reluctant to give way and Moonsun will not force it to do so.

Because I hasten for all these matters,

it is urgent that the innermost heart be quickly swept clean.

And of course the bottom line of it all is that to realize what is promised and hastened the innermost heart must be swept clean. That is to say the mind must be made to be like clear water. The world clearly and truly reflected in the perfect mirror of its origin. Timbers then are human beings who are instruments for the purification of the minds of all human beings in all times, all places and at all levels of spiritual maturity. They remain oriented toward the truth of origin and are not long distracted by self-centered truths because of their efforts to refine one another's minds and jostle each other awake as they hasten in their work to perfect the service that settles the truth of origin.