Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VII 31-36

Do not wonder to whom I am directing this talk.

This is a matter for the homes of each and all.

As is usual with these poems multiple meanings are both possible and intended. Possible missteps can be avoided by pondering them as they come up. For example; this teaching is not just for the "high mountains", nor is it just for the "low valleys". It is not directed primarily toward men or primarily toward women. Nor is there any distinction made between the "great" and the "small". Indeed this teaching is an intimate family matter for all human beings regardless of time, place or level of maturity. So for each of us, right now, there is the intimate matter of our being hastened to return to single-heartedness with God. It is a matter for us to embrace or ignore, depending upon the state of our mind and our sincerity right now, even at this moment. Even in the case of an errant child, still only parental love and care flow forth from the warm Parental Heart.

Each of you, clearly express sincerity from your innermost heart.

Then the blessings will be seen at once.

I think that it is important to ponder this promise and to distinguish between the sincerity of the innermost heart and the worldly common sincerity of the self-centered imagination. One is unselfish single-heartedness with God, while the other is selfish determination. One instantly brings unrestricted blessings while the other brings a mix of various blessings and dangerous, unwanted returns.

Because Moonsun is hastening this matter so much,

how busily occupied is My mind.

Once again notice that God is hastening us because God can see the dangerous paths that our self-centered imaginations have gone out upon, with no sure guide to ensure our joy and happiness. Fortunately for us, God's mind is tirelessly occupied with the problem of providing all human beings with the opportunity to return their minds to the origin and awaken to the joy that flows from single-heartedness with God.

If only I quickly show you the free and unlimited workings,

the mind of Moonsun will be spirited of itself.

This refers to the true identity that exists between the mind of God and the human mind. The state of one becomes the state of the other. The truth of one becomes the truth of the other. It is God's intention that we quickly see the free and unlimited workings of the origin. If we are not seeing those free and unlimited workings right now and in all things then we are instructed to change the state of our mind so that it clearly reflects the truth of origin. When that is done both our mind and God's mind will be spirited in one accord. What a marvel it is!

Even until now, I have told you that now is the beginning

of this world, yet no one knows what I mean.

Take a little time right now and check out the way the state of your mind becomes the state of your world. See if indeed it is so, that at any given moment, the truth of your mind becomes the truth of your world. Check your view of the past, the present and the future according to the state of your mind at any moment. This in itself exposes the marvelous creative power of the self-centered imagination. It is the ever changing beauty of the moon. Be aware of the origin of its light. Moonsun is the total truth of any and everything and now is the beginning of this world. It takes a bit of self-reflection to be convinced of this but any sincere effort will surely be rewarded.

Be convinced by the free and unlimited workings shown

at this time. It is likely you have never known such a thing.

When we have seen for ourselves that the state of our mind becomes the state of our world and that the truth of our mind becomes the truth of our world then we can become truly convinced that "now is the beginning of this world". We then have a choice between a life that is constantly new, joyous and fresh and life that is limited and restricted by the accumulated conditioning of our self-centered imagination. It is this limitation, the marvel of our situation between heaven and earth, that has returned the unintended drain of the joy from human life. When our sincere mind settles the conditioned limitations that define our self-centered imagination in its origin and we know the truth of God's free and unlimited workings, it is truly likely that we will have never known such a marvel.