Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

VII 45-51

Though you have not been able to see anything until now,

from now on you will see things quickly.

The anything that is referred to in this verse is none other than God's free and unlimited workings in all things. So we are once again given the opportunity to reflect on our progress on the path of single-heartedness with God. Moonsun continually hastens us and stresses that the way that is shown is that way to quickly realize God's free and unlimited workings. I think that we all know that on any journey one crucial piece of information is the duration of the trip. If we know how long it is supposed to take to get somewhere we can then use that information to determine if we are on schedule or have perhaps gone by our destination or are lost. If during our journey we stop and ask for directions and are told that the journey will take years or lifetimes then we can compare those instructions with Moonsun's instructions that say that the way is now and quickly and then we can judge which instructions are trustworthy. Perhaps up until now we have not been able to see God's free and unlimited workings in all things but from now on, following carefully the instructions that are given, we will be shown the way to see them quickly.

If your mind is sincere, pray to Me quickly about any concerns.

I shall respond at once.

The sincere mind chooses Moonsun's directions as trustworthy and accepts that the duration of the journey back to the origin is quickly, at once, even now , at once, at this moment! The self-centered imagination, on the other hand, imagines other directions and a comfortable time frame that does not interfere with the conditioned workings of its bound and limited point of view.

I shall not refuse any prayer,

for I am hastening solely to save you.

This verse is coupled with the verse above it and taken together they define the promise. There are the worldly common prayers of the self-centered imagination and there are any prayers of the sincere mind. Moonsun will not refuse any prayer of the sincere mind.

Such is the hastening in the mind of Moonsun.

Why are the minds of you close to Me so depressed?

The depression that is spoken of, is the weight of the dust of the self-centered imagination pressing down on and distorting the natural high spirits of the human mind as it rises pure out of its origin. Though Moonsun wishes to quickly show free and unlimited workings in all things , the human mind was and continues to be unable to see them because the depressing burden of self-centered dust, by its nature, lacks the sincerity necessary to do so.

Quickly become spirited of mind and hasten.

Do you not know that Moonsun waits impatiently?

We can quickly shake off the dust and debris that is depressing our mind, much as a dog shakes off water from its coat. Moonsun is impatiently awaiting our return. Are we aware of Moonsun's presence and impatience within our own body? Take a moment and distinguish between the worldly common chattering of our self-centered imagination and Moonsun's constant presence in our body and indeed with our eyes open, in all things.

Moonsun is truly in haste to show you free and unlimited workings.

This is My single desire.

When the self-centered imagination is settled and purified then Moonsun's free and unlimited workings are seen in all things. That is the power of the origin, the providence of all things seen as its beautiful, wondrous and constantly changing free and unlimited workings.

So sincere are the thoughts of Moonsun,

But the minds of you close to Me are yet worldly common.

The self-centered imagination is incapable of seeing Moonsun's free and unlimited workings no matter how sincere Moonsun is in wanting those workings seen. It is only when we replace our worldly common mind with the mind like clear water that the truth of origin and Moonsun's free and unlimited workings can be seen. To imagine otherwise is to set out on a long journey with an unreliable guide. Each day leaving from and each day arriving at the threshold of the very destination that we seek. Searching everywhere for the truth that is always with us.


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?