Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

VII, 52-56

Whatever I say, it is not from a human mind

but from the mind of Moonsun.

We human beings attempt to understand things by finding a place for them among the worldly common truths of our minds. This theme deals with the problems that those close to Miki faced and that we face now in trying to find a place in our minds for Miki and her teachings. There are two misunderstandings that are addressed by this theme. First there is the kind of misunderstanding that flows from the assumption that Miki was an ordinary human being who, though she expressed rather unorthodox views of the human condition for her time and place, was none the less expounding recognizable human opinions. In many cases the opinions that were being taught were reasonably assumed to be the work of a human being with an ordinary, though perhaps damaged, worldly common human mind. This kind of misunderstanding led some to assume that Miki's was an activist whose ideas were socially and politically dangerous. There were also those folks who assumed that Miki's rather radical ideas were evidence of a human mind that had become mentally unstable. In short, many people found Miki's teaching to be incompatible with the truths already established in their own worldly common minds and as a result categorized them as being false at best and threatening at worst. Obviously this kind of misunderstanding readily accommodates doubt and rejection of the teaching that quickly shows the way to awaken to God's free and unlimited workings.

Until now, whatever I have said, you took My words

as being mixed with the human mind.

The second of the two misunderstandings assumed that Miki was indeed a goddess of Yamato and attempted to find a place for her amongst the worldly common human truths that supported that view. These folks were willing to pray to God but were still unable to see God's free and unlimited workings in all things. That inability to see God's free and unlimited workings flowed from of a lack of understanding of the way of single-hearted salvation. Though sincere in their desire to be saved they had accommodated the teaching that shows the way to quickly do so, in among the worldly common truths of their own self-centered imaginations. The result of this mixing of the original and the worldly common is the lack of understanding of the directions on how to quickly realize the truth of origin. Recall that we are provided with a nice metaphor that we can use to correctly orient ourselves to the teaching. Taking water to be a metaphor for our own mind we can then realize the truth by the words "clear" or "muddy".

Listen! Replace your mind from now,

and never think that I have a human mind.

Replacing our mind involves distinguishing between the original mind of God and the creations of the self-centered imagination and then settling, calming, purifying or sweeping away the self-centered mind so that only the mind of God remains. This is returning to the origin. This is single-heartedness with God. This is the seeing of God's free and unlimited workings in all things. This is the way of the perfection of the Service. Replacing the mind is the way to see God's free and unlimited workings in all things quickly.

Until now, because you thought I was human like you,

you were unable to understand anything.

The worldly common truths of our self-centered imaginations are unable to understand anything of God's intention. Now settling the human truths of our human minds we can understand God's intention and see the way to recreate a world of joyous life from the point of view of the truth of origin.

From now on, whatever I may say or do,

do not take it in the least to be human.

Those close to God the Parent were invited to start again with the understanding that there is no human thought mixed in with the truth of origin. We too can start again and find the way and the truth, the promise and the realization, in the mind like clear water, in single-heartedness with the mind of God. There is no need to imagine otherwise.


...[W]e must never let our minds be clouded. I could see that it was just as we are taught: the mind is originally clear and pristine, and only loses its clarity because of the dust we accumulate. This gave me an insight into something that is, of course, obvious when calm and careful thought is given to it: the fact that we must not allow our clouded minds to obscure Oyasama's Divine Model or Her teachings.

January 26, 1994

The 3rd Shinbashira


Those who oppose Me are also children dear to My heart. Yet dearer are those who pray to Me. But even with those who pray to Me, if they do not follow My will, they are the same as those who oppose Me.


April 21, 1869



All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?