Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

VII, 74-77

Until now, whatever I said, there was no understanding

in anyone's heart, and the day, also, had not yet come.

After thirty-eight years of tireless effort there was still no one who could understand Moonsun's words. This verse is still very instructive to us today. The meaning and understanding of Moonsun's teaching is not in Moonsun's words rather understanding comes from following those words back to our innnermost heart. When Moonsun says that the day also, had not yet come, Moonsun is speaking of the condition of our mind. The human mind had not yet returned to its origin and single-heartedness with God. Moonsun's words then point the way to the mind like clear water and the awakening that is the return to the origin and single-heartedness with God.

Step by step, as understanding comes to the heart, the day,

also, will come. Great is the haste in the mind of Moonsun.

Since the obstacle to understanding Moonsun's intention is the natural tendency of the human self-centered imagination to attribute worldly common meaning to Moonsun's words, Moonsun is in haste to show the way to remove the obstacle to awakening to single-heartedness in an orderly step by step manner.

If only this is quickly realized,

there will be no one who will stand against Me.

Moonsun is in great haste for understanding to come to our innermost heart. If we can quickly realize that Moonsun's intention is to remove the obstacles (self-centered worldly common truths) to that understanding and indeed we do remove them, then the rejection and misunderstanding that is the nature of the self-centered imagination's stand against Moonsun's intention will naturally be resolved.

When Moonsun has shown this matter to you clearly,

all the workings afterward will be accomplished.

When, through the mind like clear water, we see the truth clearly then we will also see God's free and unlimited workings in all things.

The elements of the path are then:

The goal of single-heartedness with Moonsun, that is the truth of origin as known through the mind like clear water, the realization of God's free and unlimited workings in all things, the joyous life that flows from single-heartedness with God.

The obstacle that keeps us from realizing the goal, these are the worldly common truths of the self-centered imagination, (dust, mud).

The teaching that shows the way (the Service) to replace the worldly common truths of the self-centered imagination with the truth of origin, the realization of God's free and unlimited workings in all things.

I think that these verses encourage us to look at the elements of the path and to make the distinction between Moonsun's intention and our own worldly common truths as they relate to that intention. It is, I think, important to be aware that in giving us these poems Moonsun is entering into the muddy water of our mind (speaking in words appropriate for time, place and maturity) with the intention of making it the mind like clear water. What that means to me is that the words of the poems, though all pointing to Moonsun's intention can easily be misunderstood if I emphasize the muddy side of the interaction and not the clear side. I often puzzled with worldly common thinking over why God would say such and such a thing until I realized that the true meaning of all of God's words can only be found in the mind like clear water. That mind then becomes a sure guide and test of God's intention. Try it out for yourself. When the self-centered imagination is settled or replaced, one world, the limited and conditioned world of the self-centered imagination goes away and a new and freshly created world of God's free and unlimited workings appears. Once distinguished and seen, though the self-centered imagination might still put up resistance and a struggle, the evidence of Moonsun's teaching cannot be denied.

The Ofudesaki explains many things to us: the intention out of which the path of salvation was begun; the intention and the efforts in the creation; the path through which we can purify the mind and become filled with joy; ...

[W]hen I read the entire Ofudesaki in light of the Divine Model, that which surfaces most forcefully is the fact that the single-hearted performance of the Service is single-hearted salvation.

October 28, 1987 The 3rd Shinbashira


All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?