Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

VII 78-87

Even until now, the blessings of safe childbirth and

freedom from smallpox; what were your thoughts about them?

Once again the worldly common point of view is questioned. What were those earliest followers thinking about these things? What are our thoughts now? There were and are of course worldly common thoughts that God was trying to bring to mind so that they could be freely compared with God's true intention. I say freely because recognizes the power of worldly common truths and does not wish to enter into confrontation with them. In this discussion we have been collecting those worldly common truths into the two categories of lack of understanding and misunderstanding. One category represents that confrontation and the outright denial that flows from it while the other addresses the well meaning distortion of God's intention that flows from accommodating God's teaching to worldly common meanings.

Moonsun teaches that we human beings can change the state and truth of our world by fundamentally changing the state and truth of our own mind. Specifically by returning our mind to its original pure state, the state of single-heartedness with God. That one state we are taught yields God's free and unlimited workings in all things. We call it the "joyous life". In response to that teaching, the worldly common truths of the human self-centered imagination either denied the truth of the teaching outright or distorted it by turning it upside down. The self-centered imagination is more comfortable and familiar with the assumption that instead of us fundamentally changing our own mind, by returning it to its original condition, we can pray to God to change the truth and state of the world for us. In that way each time that we are dissatisfied with our condition we can pray to God and become happy as our desires are satisfied one by one. It has been that way for us since the beginnings of human civilization. It is indeed a worldly common view that has so far been held in all times and all places.

This time, I shall clearly tell you the truth of everything,

whatever it may be.

By returning to the origin and single-hearted salvation, the truth of everything is known. I think that we can see from the Model Life, that as more and more people came to Moonsun seeking a marvelous salvation, each of them wanted to have God address their own specific problem. It is natural for the self-centered imagination to approach things in this way. God on the other hand is offering the truth of everything in detail whatever it may be. There is no need to address each and every self-centered issue. In fact dwelling on them only muddies the water of the mind and makes it ever more difficult to see God's free and unlimited workings through the mind like clear water, the mind that has returned to the origin.

From now on, I shall save you completely form the rigors of

childbirth. You shall give birth quickly and without distress.

We know from the context of the poems that there is a pregnant woman in the Nakayama residence. This promise however is completely lacking in specifics about that woman. The promise that is made is made to all women, who return to the origin, in all times and all places.

Whatever you say will be to no avail.

You must do as Moonsun says.

This addresses the worldly common tendency of the self-centered imagination to try and offer excuses for remaining the same while at the same time asking for the salvation that can only come from fundamental change. The fundamental change that God is hastening can only come from doing exactly as Moonsun says, without modifying it with our own self-centered truths.

In whatever things, do just as Moonsun says.

There is never a mistake in what I say.

Moonsun's marvelous salvation is a salvation for all circumstances at all times, in all places and for all people. It is single-hearted salvation and there is not the slightest mistake in that.

Any Salvation whatever is all through the Service.

If only you do just as Moonsun says...

Any kind of salvation comes through the perfection of the Service that returns the mind to its original condition. That is the Service that replaces the foundation of the mind and makes it like clear water.

If your mind is sincere,

Moonsun will assuredly save you.

The key ingredient in the perfection of the Service is true sincerity. True sincerity is the willingness to let go of the truths of the self-centered imagination, settling back into single-heartedness with Moonsun and the truth of origin.

On salvation this time:

this is the beginning of My salvation truly assured.

Despite all of Moonsun's efforts over the years since taking Miki as a shrine, human self-centered imaginations were unable to understand any of Moonsun's teaching and intention. At this time in the foundation of the path, Moonsun begins the path of the Service to overcome the obstacle of the self-centered imagination and to assure single-hearted salvation to those who perfect its performance.

The mind of Moonsun urgently hastens.

You close to Me, also, prepare your minds for the Service!

In past books Moonsun has hastened the awakening of human beings primarily by hastening and encouraging pondering the reason of heaven, which Moonsun provided through poetry. Now with this verse, though the goal of quickly awakening to single-hearted salvation remains the same, the emphasis shifts to quickly preparing the mind for the performance of the Service which will purify the mind and make it open to the reason of heaven.

This preparation is not just for any one thing.

The Service is for any and all matters.

Again God wants to make the distinction clear that the Service that purifies the mind is not a prayer service, such as a dance for rain, or a dance to ward of smallpox, rituals of a type that the worldly truths of the villagers would have been familiar with. It is the Service for any and all matters. It is the Service that shows the way to quickly purify the mind so that it can awaken to single-heartedness with Moonsun and in so doing enjoy God's free and unlimited workings in all things, the point of view of the joyous life.

The Salvation Service was taught as a path to universal salvation, which has as its ultimate goal the Joyous Life. Universal salvation was necessary precisely because we were in need of salvation. And the need for our salvation in fact resulted from our misuse of the mind, which should be used for the Joyous Life. Oyasama, however, has taught us ways to replace the mistaken mind. What could we be more grateful for than this? She has also taught that miracles of salvation will be manifested through the Salvation Service. What could be more encouraging than this? Further, God the Parent has promised to grant us miraculous blessings in response to our minds of sincerity. All that is asked of us is to have the mind of sincerity and carry out what Oyasama taught us, exactly as She taught it. This however is extremely difficult since we human beings, misusing our freedom of the mind, choose to be selfish and self-centered. We ought to reflect deeply on this point.

October 26, 1986 The 3rd Shinbashira

Self-reflection and replacement of mind, resolve and action - these are indispensable steps to receiving wondrous and splendid blessings...

There are great numbers of people in the world who wish to be saved, to be freed from their sufferings and worries. There are in fact many of these people even in our own midst. And just who are the ones who know the path through which these people can be saved, the ones who know the means by which they can be saved?

January 26, 1990 The 3rd Shinbashira

Listen and understand this. There are also occurrences called future rebirths. Having only heard about causality, you wonder by what truth it operates. No one understands it. I teach you eternal life, but what is yours may be lost depending on causality. On the other hand, being able to live a life of delight and joy is also causality.

Divine Direction, July 4, 1892

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?