Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VII, 97-104

What do you think the Service is? It is from My single intent

to save you in childbirth and from smallpox.

This verse is straightforward and particularly very promising for the time.

What do you think this salvation is about?

I shall teach the Service to free you from smallpox.

Once again our understanding of something that seems simple and straightforward is questioned. What do we think this salvation is about? I think that in my own case my overall misunderstanding comes from the fact that I do not truly understand the one truth that the verses at the head and foot of this page are referring to. That is to say that that truth is not understood as being fundamental to my every thought in the way that my self-centered imagination is fundamental to almost all of my thoughts. The problem then is that I have not purified my mind. I have not removed the self-centered imagination and replaced it with single-heartedness, with the truth of origin.

By this Service which teaches the path quickly,

all minds in the world will be purified.

Now that I am aware of the problem, Moonsun offers me the solution. The Service that is taught is the way to purify the mind so that it can awaken to and understand the truth of origin. This solution, the purification of the mind is also the way for all minds in the world. There are no worldly common truths that need to be put into the mind in order to purify it, only worldly common truths to be removed and replaced. That reasonably is why this is the way for all times, places and levels of spiritual maturity.

How are you hearing this talk? It is solely about

the preparations for the salvation of the world.

Again my understanding is questioned. Apparently this purification of the mind is part of the preparations for world salvation. The gist of it seems to be that the world will be saved by the purification of the mind. It is all about taking the dust of the self-centered imagination out so that the truth of all things can be seen as they are. That is easy enough for me to say but what about the enormous complexity of the worldly common truths that inhabit human minds at all times, places and levels of spiritual maturity? This model, I now see, shows the way to engage and interact with that complexity. It is the model of Parental love, the willingness to enter into those worldly common truths and show the way to single-hearted salvation.

Of whatever salvation, you are assured,

because your true Parent lives.

The understanding that is the foundation of the purified mind is the truth that includes the understanding of the truth of origin and the verses at the top and bottom of this page. Following that reasoning, of course there will be the salvation of safe childbirth and freedom from smallpox and more. Freedom from illness and death also flow from that one truth. The mind that is single-hearted with the ever living Parent is also free and unlimited.

If you believe this to be true,

everything will be in accord with the mind of true sincerity.

There are two elements to this verse. The first element is believing God's promises and teachings to be true, which is something that the self-centered imagination can do. And the second element is making the mind the mind of true sincerity and that unfortunately is something that the self-centered imagination has problems with.

If only your mind becomes truly pure,

nothing at all will ever be in error.

The mind of true sincerity is the truly pure mind. When we sincerely perform the Service which quickly sweeps the mind and returns it to its original condition we are then faced with the challenge of remaining there or immediately stirring the dust up again with self-centered concerns.

Until now, no matter how great was Moonsun's concern,

no understanding was in the minds of you close to Me.

One thing is clear. The minds of those close to Moonsun, though sincerely concerned with their own salvation, did not understand this teaching. I believe that Moonsun continually makes this misunderstanding clear in the poems so that we can be warned and guided by the sincere missteps of those who came before us on this path. The self-centered concerns that clouded their minds were of a particular time and place, and were appropriate for their spiritual maturity. They, like us, were attempting to make sense of Moonsun's teaching with their own worldly common self-centered truths and did not understand the simple and direct instruction to quickly purify the mind, nor did they understand the purpose of the Service which showed the way to do so quickly.

Let's take a moment and see things as the actually are. Let the voice and images of the self-centered imagination settle - return to the origin, free and unlimited workings are what remain.

Now we understand that there is a deep relationship between the purification of our minds and the Salvation Service.

February 18, 1986 The 3rd Shinbashira

...I feel extremely sorry for the shortcomings of the human mind, that is, its weakness in not being able to believe and rely completely upon Oyasama's words and its immaturity in not being able to be convinced by them, despite the fact that Oyasama has gone to such lengths to make Her teachings understandable. In this respect, I feel like asking myself just how much difference there is between the past and the present.

October 26, 1987 The 3rd Shinbashira

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?