Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


We have surveyed seven Books of Ofudesaki poems, anyone of which when properly understood can open the mind to the reason of heaven. In those seven books I think that we have clearly seen three points of view modeled for our benefit.

The point of view of Moonsun as revealed in the poems:

One truth and intention:

Moonsun's point of view is rather simple and there is nothing difficult about it. There is only Moonsun, though it is understood that we imagine otherwise. From God's point of view there is only one intention and that is for human beings to be able to freely and unlimitedly live a joyous life.

One problem:

From God's point of view the one obstacle to a joyous life is the marvelous power that flows from God's providence that we call the self-centered imagination. God's providence freely and without limitation supports whatever rises up in the self-centered imagination and we have been given free use of that power to create good or evil for ourselves and others. Of this it is taught that the state of our mind, the truth of our mind, becomes the state and truth of our world. God teaches us then, because we are unable to find joy in that condition.

One Solution:

From God's point of view there is only one solution to our problem of being unable to find the intended joy in our life in our free use of the self-centered imagination. That solution is the quieting, calming, purifying and replacing of the self-centered imagination so that it returns to its origin and awakens to the joyous life that freely and unlimitedly flows from understanding the one truth of origin and single-heartedness with God.

The point of view of the self-centered imagination as characterized in the poems:

Many truths and intentions:

On each and every day numerous truths rise up in the self-centered imaginations of just a single mind. Taken together, the free use of the human self-centered imagination generates a staggering number of truths. Attached to those self-centered truths there are also a staggering number of intentions. Just think of how many desires are generated by just one human self-centered imagination on a daily basis.

Many problems:

Again, for just one self-centered imagination each day they is the possibility that some self-centered truth will be frustrated or that some intention will not be met. Such frustrations and dissatisfactions can block or drain away the joy from our lives.

Many solutions:

The first solution that occurs to the self-centered imagination is that it would like its frustrations and dissatisfactions to be addresses and satisfied one by one, as they rise up, so that each and every one of our self-centered truths, desires and intentions can be validated and satisfied. This solution simply assumes that I will be happy if I get what I want, when I want it.

There are of course as many solutions that come to mind as there or have been minds, but for our use in exploring these poems the solution that makes the most sense is seeking help or relief from a higher power, God, gods, spirits, shamans, powerful people and the like.

The point of view of the Parent of origin as modeled and shown in these poems:

One truth and intention:

The Parent of origin works tirelessly to open a path of single-hearted salvation that will show the way to quickly purify the mind and settle the self-centered imagination. Hastening the moment that the self-centered imagination can return to its origin and awaken to the one truth of origin and the joyous life that freely and unrestrictedly flows from understanding that truth.

One Problem:

The Parent of origin works tirelessly to find a way to interact with all human self-centered imaginations and to overcome the misunderstanding and lack of understanding of both the truth of origin and the way to awaken to the truth of origin that is natural to the self-centered imagination.

One solution:

The Parent of origin has promised to enter into a dialog with the self-centered imaginations of all mankind and to teach us how to quickly calm, quiet and replace the self-centered imagination. This tireless effort is made in ways that are appropriate for our time, our place, and all levels of our spiritual maturity. It is an astonishing effort, made so that all human beings equally can awaken to the truth of origin and a joyous life. Such an effort can best be understood as a model of Parental love.

To hasten the maturity and awakening of all human beings, the Parent of origin also needs the cooperation of large numbers of human helpers or instruments to facilitate the completion of the Service. It is the completion of the Service which gives all human beings the opportunity to enjoy the free and unlimited workings and joyous life that flow from melting back into the Parental Heart.

Now let's take a look at Book VIII.

Book VIII 1-6

The mountainous regret of Moonsun piled up day by day:

to clear it away is My desire.

The mountainous regret of Moonsun is the accumulated self-centered thinking of all human minds that is weighing down on the heart of Moonsun at the core of each of our minds.

This talk, given step by step, is about the intention of Moonsun;

to bring forth universal salvation.

"This talk" of course refers to the upcoming poems in this book but it also reflects back to the first verse. So we can see that the intention of Moonsun is to remove the accumulated dust of that has accumulated in human self-centered imaginations and in so doing bring forth universal salvation. That universal salvation is none other than the enjoyment of Moonsun's free and unlimited workings as a joyous life.

If the mind is sincere,

the performance of any kind of Service will all bring salvation.

Grasping the significance of this verse alone is enough to change a life entirely. The sincere mind, the mind that removes the regret of Moonsun is the mind that is saved regardless of what kind of Service is performed. True sincerity is the effective ingredient in the Service.

To Moonsun, all of you throughout the world are My children.

My only desire is to save you.

All human being have self-centered imaginations and all human beings are capable of the true sincerity that is the perfection of the Service. These then are the essentials of universal salvation. The self-centered imagination (the regret of Moonsun) and true sincerity (the true willingness to settle the self-centered imagination and return to the original condition of single-heartedness with God).

Despite this, to My regret,

they attempted to stop Me and, after that, even to forbid.

This refers to attempts made by various authorities to stop Oyasama from teaching and to forbid the performance of the Salvation service, which teaches the way to purify the mind quickly.

Because of this, the Salvation Service cannot be performed.

Oh, the regret in the mind of Moonsun!

Be it the lack of understanding or the misunderstanding that keeps the Service from being completed, it is all just more regret piled up as dust in the mind of Moonsun. It is of course interesting to note the truth that accounts for the dust of our individual self-centered imaginations being piled up like a mountain of regret in the mind of Moonsun.


Indeed, we ought to lead our lives on the basis of the spirit of single-heartedness with God, which was shown over the course of Oyasama's fifty-year path during which She carefully took each person's state of mind into consideration and thereupon gave Her teaching in a way that was appropriate for each person She worked with.

January 26,1999 The 4th Shinbashira