Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII, 27-34

All of you must be convinced of the truth

about the beginning of this world.

I think that at this time in the long journey of human beings, it is pretty much understood that all human societies have collections of human thoughts that are intended to explain the beginning of this world and the origin of human beings. Those collections of human thoughts are generally fashioned in such a way that they can be taught to and easily understood by children. Whether such collections are viewed as mythic, religious, philosophical, folk or scientific truths their intention is to provide fundamental human truths that are basic to the society which they serve. As such collections of human truths based on human thoughts are universally held they are worldly common and ordinary in the recorded human experience.

This is because in whatever salvation I may work,

I do not teach you of ordinary things.

It takes a little reflection but I think that we can see that the goal of the teaching offered here is not worldly common. That is to say that whatever we might imagine with our human thoughts, this teaching is not about that! Take a moment and follow that around in your mind. If you are sincere and stay with it your imagination will come to rest. There is real freedom there. Isn't that extra ordinary?

I do not speak of things already seen

or of things that already exist.

When we speak of sincerity we should note that the perfection of sincerity, single hearted sincerity is one with the origin, but that self-centered sincerity is manifold. It is commonly the human experience that self-centered sincerity naturally tries to attach the teaching that leads to single-hearted sincerity to various worldly common thoughts and objects as if they were the actual goal and the truth of origin. Moonsun is well aware of our self-centered tendencies and in this verse attempts to guide us to the real and true beginning of this world as it can only be known through the truly sincere mind that is single-hearted with the truth of origin. It is this one truth that is intended to be the foundation and fundamental truth of a new world of joyous life.

I shall teach you only of things that have not existed before

and bring true salvation.

This verse is a great guide for us to distinguish between what our self-centered imaginations imagine God's teaching and salvation to be and what indeed God's teaching and salvation is. Again it calls for some sincere self-reflection to follow the reasoning but it is in fact something that anyone can do.

What do you think this salvation is about?

I am preparing the amulet to protect you from smallpox.

Another salvation: My free and unlimited workings

for the time of childbirth, either to delay or quicken.

We could summarize the poems thus far as addressing our human doubts about this teaching and its source. In response to our doubts God the Parent has taught us the true author and source of this teaching and how to prove the truth of those assertions. However the human self-centered imagination is, as it is its nature to be, interested primarily in itself and what it imagines to be true and for that reason has difficulty understanding anything that is unimaginable. This verse addresses the doubt, whether stated or unstated, "why should I do what you are saying to do?"

About these free and unlimited workings of which I speak:

do not think of them as being trivial.

We can sort out and distinguish between trivial and serious interpretations of God's free and unlimited workings by honestly examining the Model Life and by comparing our ordinary ideas about them with our sincere mind wherein those ideas are settled and quieted.

Though Moonsun is doing the utmost,

everyone in the world continues to be ordinary.

We can take a moment now and distinguish between our ordinary human thoughts and God's free and unlimited workings. Moonsun is doing the utmost to help us escape from the bondage of ordinary perception that has not led to joy and desires to rush out from the core of our mind. To cease to be ordinary we need only sincerely watch as our human thoughts settle and Moonsun's free and unlimited workings are reflected as the state of our world.


Self reflection and replacement of mind, resolve and action - these are indispensable steps to receiving wondrous and splendid blessings.

The 3rd Shinbashira - January 26, 1990

The minds of human beings tend to be doubtful and indecisive. It is really a matter, not so much of our doubtfulness or indecisiveness, but our preoccupation with our own thoughts, which results in our inability to see things properly.

The 3rd Shinbashira - October 26, 1994

I believe that our mistaken use of the mind stems from mixing our thoughts into Oyasama teaching in an attempt to adapt Oyasama's teaching to fit our thoughts.

The 3rd Shinbashira - October 27, 1994