Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII: 45-48

If only your mind is truly accepted by Moonsun,

you will be assured of any salvation whatever.

This is no trivial promise. To realize this promise it falls to us to determine what kind of mind is truly acceptable to Moonsun and to settle our mind in that state. That is to say to settle our mind at its origin. By making our mind: the mind like clear water, the mind of a three year old child or the mind of true sincerity, to mention a few of the guides that God the Parent, the truth of origin, has set out for us to use.

Moonsun assures you any and every salvation

because your true Parent lives.

Recall verse 41, "I began to teach again, speaking only of things which do not exist and things unknown". In contrast Moonsun our true Parent actually does exist. That truth is apparent to the mind that is a clear and pure reflection of Moonsun's mind. However, to the mind that is clouded with self-centered thoughts centered on a limited object, a body, that truth remains unknown.

Because the Jiba of Origin and the causality of origin exist,

Moonsun works freely and unlimitedly.

This teaches us that the true Parent is the Origin and cause of all else that exists and that the workings of the true Parent are free and unlimited in contrast to our human self-centered creations which are bound to the rules that govern the relationships between objects. None of which has any real existence apart from Moonsun.

You may wonder why I repeat this teaching so persistently.

It is the basis of My assurance of single-hearted salvation.

It is the freedom that comes from returning the self-centered imagination to its origin that is the basis of single-hearted salvation, which, because it is free and unlimited (not bound to the path of any of the creations that it makes possible) assures any and every salvation.