Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


We continue on with the theme by exploring the deeper meaning of the verses while employing the filter that is provided by Moonsun. That is by pondering an uncommon meaning for that which, on the surface, seems familiar and common.

VIII: 56-63

Until now, no matter what I had told you,

you have not been able to see anything.

When we are told that we have not been able to see anything as yet, it is natural and common for us to assume that we are going to be able to see something new in the future.

Even until now, all things have already appeared,

but you have not known their true origin.

This teaching however points out that what we are intended to see is already here. The problem is that we cannot see it. That which we currently cannot see, is the true origin of any and everything. Our worldly common point of view tends naturally to look out at the unfolding of, what for us, is a seemingly infinite unknown. When we approach what Moonsun promises from our worldly common point of view, we expect to see something new and marvelous unfolding outside of our self to the wonderment and satisfaction of our common self-centered imagination. That it is so is natural for our common self-centered point of view. From that point of view, the answer for dissatisfaction and the expectation of what true satisfaction will be, is for God to change the way the world unfolds to meet and satisfy our self-centered expectations. This verse informs us that the truth that is promised is not a new truth that will appear before us, it is the truth of origin that is known within our innermost heart when the obstacle of the dust of the self-centered imagination is settled or swept away.

Thunder, earthquakes, great winds, and floods:

these are from the regret and anger of Moonsun.

This verse is verse III: 29 writ large. In III: 29 we are taught that the dissatisfaction of the self-centered imagination over the inconvenience caused by the natural tendency of baby's to cry at night is God's persuasion to settle and replace the self-centered imagination with the truth of origin. Now, in the verse at hand we can see the much more serious dissatisfaction of fear and anxiety that flows from the accumulation of the dust of self-centered thinking as it attempts to deal with the natural dynamic of the ever changing world. That dust is, we are taught the anger and regret of Moonsun. The way to realize true satisfaction in all circumstances is of course to return to single-heartedness with the truth of origin.

Because no one has ever understood this matter,

this time Moonsun will tell you about them beforehand.

Once again we are informed that Moonsun is not criticizing our misunderstanding. Indeed that misunderstanding is quite natural. However because we have been unable to find true satisfaction and joy in using the self-centered imagination as our sole fundamental basis of experiencing the world, Moonsun hastens and warns us to return to the safety of the origin. Because Moonsun can easily see the dissatisfaction and unwanted consequences that are in store for us if we remain as we are, solely dependent upon our self-centered imaginations to find our way in the unfolding unknown of the world.

To Moonsun, each of you, one and all, is a child of Mine.

I am filled with love for you.

A friend may warn us of what lies ahead and so might an enemy. However there is one model of the closest human relationship that is clear for all to understand. Moonsun's concern for us is the concern of a parent for a child. It is the parental love and tireless caring for each child equally. This teaching is a model of perfect parental love. Moonsun's hastening and warning concerns what we children might get ourselves into, not what the Parent of origin, the parent of all mankind equally, threatens to do to us.

But the innermost heart of everyone of you

is covered with piles of dust.

This is the problem. Though the truth of origin resides in the heart of each of us, we cannot see it because the accumulated dust of our self-centered thinking clouds our vision.

Unless this dust is cleanly swept away,

the deep concern of Moonsun will be to naught.

And this of course is the solution and the bottom line. We either sweep away the dust so that we can see, know and understand the truth of origin, or we do not. If we do not we will remain as we are and reap the fruits of our self-centered thinking.

Moonsun is anxious about your dreadful and dangerous course.

Yet none of you is aware.

Distracted as we are by our preoccupation with our self-centered thinking we cannot see what lies ahead for us. Let's take a moment and ponder our current human situation. Even in the light of sincere self-centered effort many of the most serious human problems seem to be intractable. In my own case, I do not see any real and lasting route to true satisfaction, world peace and justice but the way of awakening all human beings to the truth of origin.

The Parent of origin, at the heart of each of us, is tirelessly hastening to save us from ourselves. I am never very hard on myself and always give myself a break. The Parent of origin is even more perfect in this respect. Presuming on parental love, my own response to the parental hastening has been, I'm sure, a source of regret for my true Parent. But to assume that because the Parent of origin will always, because of perfect parental love, give me a break is a mistake. The Parent of origin will, without interference, reflect whatever I think, the state of my mind, as the truth of my world. If my self-centered thinking leads to dissatisfaction and suffering then that is what I will end up with, in spite of Moonsun's tireless efforts to save me from fear and suffering.

In this verse the Parent of origin is inviting us to the parental embrace while warning us not to count on parental love to change the world to accommodate our self-centered views. Rather we are hastened to change our own mind so that the world can be seen joyously, as it is, in the light of the truth of origin.

True sincerity in the service of the truth is the way. Calming the self-centered imagination, so that the origin can be quickly "seen", distinguished or identified, is made easy through the sincere performance of the service. Restoring the path of sweeping we can save our world.

The Service for universal salvation began the moment Oyasama was settled as the Shrine of Moonsun, and it was gradually arranged by Oyasama over the course of Her fifty-year path. In the course of making these arrangements, She was always attentive to what was going on in the world as well as in the mind of the people, and She paced Herself accordingly, never rushing or forcing, although hastening from time to time.

The 3rd Shinbashira, January 26, 1995

The Kakisage teaches sincerity alone to instruct Yoboku in the truth to be upheld for a lifetime, and the path to uphold sincerity is what Oyasama Herself demonstrated throughout the fifty years of Her Divine Model.

It is easy to speak of sincerity but difficult to be sincere. Difficult though it may be, this path of sincerity can be followed completely, so long as we do not loose sight of Oyasama's Divine Model. Nothing is so reassuring as this.

The 3rd Shinbashira, Instruction Four


The Life of Oyasama explains that he sources of Oyasama's "regret" included: that the people were not listening obediently to the words of the Parent; that they were thinking about everything in terms of ordinary human understanding; that they were listening with doubt in their minds; that they were not single-hearted; and that they were not obedient. It seems to me that the passage in question demands that the people perform the Kagura Service, leaning completely on God the Parent from the depths of their minds and that, because they do not understand, they give priority to their preconceived worldly common ideas and human sentiments in looking at events that occur.

The 3rd Shinbashira, January, 26, 1988