Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


After playing with the poems from the first seven books of Ofudesaki, "The Tip Of The Writing Brush", we can by this time now read the verses of Book VIII rather directly.

Moonsun desires to clear away the human self-centered imaginations (self-centered thoughts) that are piled up as the regret of Moonsun. The one and only purpose of clearing away the self-centered imagination is to bring forth salvation for all mankind. The way to clear away the self-centered imagination, the regret of Moonsun, is through the sincere performance of any kind of Service. In this respect we can understand Moonsun's intention and only desire as being a model of parental love, where all human beings have an equal and direct affinity and equal and direct access to the Parent of origin. Because the self-centered imagination has trouble understanding Moonsun's intention, the Service has been ignored, interfered with and forbidden. Without the sincere performance of any kind of Service the self-centered imaginations of human minds will continue to accumulate in Moonsun's original mind as the regret of Moonsun.

Continuing on then with Book VIII.

VIII 7-9

As for the Service, it is Moonsun who teaches you the

hand movements step by step. It is not from a human mind.

Those who doubted and forbade the performance of the Services might wonder by what authority Miki Nakayama taught and this poem answers that question. It also informs us that the removal of the self-centered imagination through the sincere performance of the Service is a step by step process. To say that it, the Service, is not from a human mind can again be viewed as reinforcing the truth of that authority to teach but it can also be viewed as addressing another issue.

Whatever I may do,

never think that it is from a human mind.

There is also the issue of the content of the Services. We human beings have a long tradition of labeling our truths as being either ordinary or divine. Not surprisingly such truths can be identified and used to characterize a human society in a particular time and place. Moonsun understands and respects the truths that rise up daily in human minds but also wants us to know that Service that is taught to step to step bring salvation does not have a human origin, intention, desire or truth associated with it. It is not from a human mind.

At this place, every talk is by Moonsun

and every preparation is by Moonsun.

"This place" refers to the origin, Moonsun. We can look back to Book I, verse 4, written six years earlier and to the "Yorozuyo" below, to see an example of Moonsun's constant and continuing care in trying to help us to overcome our misunderstanding. That misunderstanding naturally flows from our selfish human thoughts and the mistake of thinking that Miki had a human mind and human thoughts just like us. Here Moonsun is identified as the sole origin and actor in all of the talks, works and preparations for universal salvation. Of course Moonsun is more than that but let's wait to see that unfold in the rest of the verses.

Sincerely sweeping self-centered thoughts from our individual mind reveals the truth of origin and single-hearted salvation. It is easy enough to identify the self-centered imagination. It is the spokesperson for the world's truth. We can see it in our own mind and learn to distinguish it. The truth of origin on the other hand is what remains when the Service is perfected, quieting the world's truths and becoming the mind like clear water. Please take a moment and serve that truth. What a marvel it is.


Looking all over the world and through all ages,

I find no one who has understood My heart.

So should it be, for I have never taught it before,

It is natural that you know nothing.

This time I, God, revealing Myself to the fore,

Teach you all the truth in detail.

You are calling this place the Jiba, the home of God, in Yamato;

But you do not know of its origin.

If you are told of this origin in full,

Great yearning will come over you, whoever you may be.

If you wish to hear and will come to Me,

I will tell you the truth that this place is the origin of any and everything.

When I, God, reveal Myself and teach you everything in detail,

All people in the world will become cheerful.

As I hasten to save all of you equally,

I will set out to cheer up all the minds of the world.

The songs for the Teodori; "Yorozuyo"