Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.



Listen! You are mistaken in thinking of Me as being human,

the same as you.

God the Parent continues to address the misunderstanding and lack of understanding of both those within the path and those outside of the path. Clearly, there was the perception that Miki was expressing her own human opinions which to some were seen as misguided, to others a sign of mental instability and still to others as being politically and culturally subversive. In this verse God the Parent asserts that the teaching that is offered is not just another example of human thoughts expressed as opinion.

It is also instructive for us to compare what we imagine the circumstances to have been with what God the Parents tells us they were. There was apparently nothing tellingly and convincingly obvious about Miki that would have indicated that she had become the Shrine of Moonsun to many of the people who would have had contact with her or who would have heard her message.

To begin teaching about all matters,

one must be the Parent of Origin.

Though to all outside appearances an ordinary human being Miki Nakayama's ordinary self-centered imagination had been replaced by the mind of Moonsun. She had become a shrine of Moonsun and awakened to Her causal role in Moonsun's efforts to save all mankind as the Parent of Origin. Thus being one with the truth of origin and able to teach the truth of origin through the instrument of a human mouth. This is of course difficult for us as our self-centered imaginations are prone to identifying a cast of characters that stand in relation to our body as a center for our idea of our self. Returning that self-centered imagination to its one original identity is not only hard for us to do it is hard for us to even comprehend the possibility of doing it. The Parent of Origin, having made the return from self-centered human to single-heartedness with the origin can, as no one else can, show us the way to return to our origin. We call this the Model Path (Hinagata) and are hastened to follow it just as it is shown. Because of the causality of origin, Miki returned to the origin. And because She knows the way, She can invite us and show the way for us to return to the origin too.

When we speak of "teaching about all matters" it is common for us to associate that assertion with the events in the ancient past. That is with matters dealing with the creation of human beings. However, the teaching literally does reveal the truth of "all matters", in all times and all places. From the point of view of the origin, now is the creation. To see the comparison that the Parent of Origin is trying to help us to understand we can recall that it has been brought to our attention that currently all matters that are known to us are known self-centeredly only. We have also been taught that our self-centered point of view is limited by causal limitations that govern the ever changing names and forms that comprise the universe that we see. In contrast the Parent of Origin is inviting us to view all matters from the point of view of the truth of origin as it remains now as then. Existing prior to name and form and the limitations of causality (innen). All matters can be seen from the free and unlimited point of view of a human mind that has returned to single-heartedness with its origin.

Even until now, in all the teachings I have given you,

I began them by this truth.

This verse helps us to focus on the direction and intention of all of Moonsun's teachings. Recall that Moonsun attempts to teach us in ways that are appropriate for our time, place and spiritual maturity. All of these teachings then have at their root a single origin, intention and purpose. The single root is the truth of origin. The single-intention is the return of our self-centered imaginations to the truth of origin and the single purpose is to give the human mind the gift of free and unlimited workings so that we can live a joyous life.

If there should be another parent who began human beings,

go and seek to find where.

After pondering this verse it occurs to me that a parent would not invite a child to experiment with what could be a dreadful failure. Where then is the model of parental love in this verse? I include the following interpretation that was sent to me by a reader as I think it clearly shows the model of parental love that one would expect to find in the teachings of the original parent of all human beings. "The effort to dig up the origin can easily be seen as being sincerity. Even if it is imagined to be something different than it is, one will nonetheless arrive at the Parent of Origin."

Though I speak in this way of unknown things step by step,

it is the truth.

To our human worldly common self-centered imaginations the truth of origin is an unknown. The way to awaken to the truth of origin is indicated, step by step, through the use of things unknown and things that do not exist. Though that is surely the case, still they also certainly show the true way to the one truth of origin. The truth that exists before all that could be named and taught.