Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII: 77-80

Day after day, teaching you of the unknown

and of things yet to be is the pleasure of Moonsun.

The things unknown and yet to be that are taught to us is our experience of the unfolding world from the point of view of being an individual body separate from the one that knows and is all. This appearance of the unfolding of the unknown, where in fact there is only the known, Moonsun, is the pleasure of Moonsun. It is this gradual unfolding of the unknown that has perhaps become too much for us. Our self-centered point of view alone in many instances can no longer find joy in it. When we return our self-centered imagination to its original condition, once again becoming single hearted with Moonsun, then the pleasure of Moonsun becomes the Joy of the human experience of the gradual unfolding of things unknown and yet to be from the point of view of an individual human body.

Originally and now there is only one. Finding that condition to be tasteless, the one has fashioned instruments out of itself. With great care and effort those instruments have evolved according to the rules of causality to become human beings. Human beings are able to experience the one, not as one but as a constantly changing many. This was intended to be a joyous experience. Having no knowledge, however, of the truth of their origin, many human beings have become fearful, depressed and overwhelmed by the things unknown and things yet to be that appear as a result of the original causality, the one being. In response to this situation of an unintended lack of joy, the one is calling human beings back to the truth of their origin, so that they may be able to know the truth of origin. And with that truth as the foundation of their mind return to the experience of the things unknown and yet to be from the point of view of the intended joy, which is the very nature of the truth of origin.

You have heard of the Gift of Heaven to be given

to the Parent of this world's human beginnings.

It is this joy that is the Gift of Heaven given to the Parent of human origin. That is it is intended to be ours from the very beginning of human beings.

You may not know what this talk is about.

Tuskihi wishes to bestow the Food of Heaven.

It is this joy that is the Food of Heaven that the Parent of origin wishes to give to all human beings.

Further about this talk:

place a flat vessel on the Kanrodai.

When the self-centered imagination is settled at the origin the joy will gather naturally like dew on a flat vessel.