Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII 81-84

Hereafter, bodily disorders will appear here and there.

Know that it is the care being given by Tsukihi.

The word "hereafter" tells us to expect a change concerning bodily disorders. Up until this time the worldly common view of bodily disorders was that they were an evil that occurred to our bodies. Now, from this point on, we are told that bodily disorders are to be seen as the care of Moonsun on our behalf, what was previously seen as an evil is now portrayed as a good. We might well pause to ponder and discover how this could be so.

The root cause of our experience of bodily disorders as an evil comes from our fundamental belief and experience that bodily disorders are unwanted experiences that happen to our bodies. The emphasis here is on the word "our." The limitations that flow from our assumption of ownership of a body are fundamental to our self-centered experience of the world. Unfortunately many people are unable to find joy in this circumstance of being limited to a body and experiencing the changes that a body goes through. For that reason, Moonsun is trying to get us to return to our original and most fundamental state of mind. That original state of mind is single-hearted with Moonsun and is free and unlimited. From the point of view that is single-hearted with Moonsun there is no such thing as illness or even death. The whole universe being the body of Moonsun.

So, from this point on in the human experience, we are hastened to view bodily disorders as an opportunity to be reminded to return the body that our self-centered imagination claims as its own. Replacing the self-centered (this is my body, I am this body and nothing more) foundation of our mind with the truth of origin so that we can once again know the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun and joyously play in the world. A nice idea but how is this to be done?

When you come, compare your disorder with this place.

If the condition is the same, quickly begin the sweeping.

Recall that these poems were written because the self-centered imaginations of those who heard Moonsun's teaching were unable to understand it. For us now, that is no surprise as we are now aware that the very nature of the self-centered imagination is the denial of the truth of origin. That being the case there are generally only special circumstances where the self-centered imagination is interested in replacing itself with the truth of origin. Illness and trouble, the powerlessness of the experience of bodily limitation are just such circumstances.

To help us to realize the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun as the joyous life, the process of returning to the origin and replacing the foundation of the mind is acted out and modeled for us through these poems and the model path that was to follow. We are hastened to compare the condition of our mind with the dust on the ground. If they are in the same condition we are told to quickly begin the sweeping. The important thing here is that that it is intended that what is acted out and modeled on the ground is to be carried out in our mind.

Walk over where you have swept,

and you will come to a standstill. There, the Kanrodai...

And so, as the model shows, where it was acted out and their feet came to a standstill, that is where it was shown and modeled to set up the Kanrodai. And today indeed a model of the Kanrodai is so placed. For us, however, the process that was modeled and shown was and is intended to be duplicated by each of us in our own mind. Each of us who, by returning to the origin, would receive Moonsun's free and unlimited workings as the joyous life is hastened to sweep our own mind. And, where the self-centered imagination comes to a standstill that for us is the setting up of the Kanrodai, the stand to collect the heavenly dew of the joyous life, the proof of having returned to the origin

When it is done, assemble the performers

and quickly begin the Service. Your minds will be spirited.

And so the gift is complete. When stressed and finding the creation lacking in joy we are hastened to sweep our minds and return them to their original condition. Returning the body that we imagine ownership of to the truth of origin where there is only one. The model is in place for us to follow. There remains only the perfection of the Service that purifies the mind. And so through the performance of all of the services taught by Moonsun, we sweep our mind so that it can return to its origin. And in so doing prove and settle the teaching of Moonsun, the truth of origin, the truth of single-heartedness with God and the foundation of a new world of free and unlimited joyous life.

To inquire into the Origin means to return to the intention of God the Parent, who desired to create us so that we might lead the Joyous Life. Notice first that this inquiry pertains, not to outward form, but to the mind. Now, ponder the unfolding of things from the Origin down to the present day and then trace back this process from the present by seeking the Origin step by step, Such is the path that enables us to savor the Joyous Life.

The 2nd Shinbashira

June 27, 1953: Tenrikyo Young Men's Association Path Seekers' Seminar

From: My Hopes for the Young