Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII 85-88

Indeed, wherever else you may seek it, it will never be found.

It is the central pillar of Nihon.

As we saw in the previous verses this verse refers to the instructional model for identifying the place to set up the Kanrodai. Aside from the encouragement that this verse intends to impart, "It is the central pillar of Nihon". There is also the very important point made that it is necessary for us to "seek" the location for setting up the Kanrodai by sweeping our mind and finding that one place, its origin, where the self-centered imagination comes to a standstill. A process that as mentioned has been modeled and acted out for us on the ground but still, to complete the instruction, requires that it also be done in our own mind, else it, the origin, will never be found.

If only this comes surely into being.

there will be no one to fear.

One of the motives in writing this set of poems was to overcome the fear that was gripping both those within the path who feared the authorities and those outside of the path who feared the teaching of the Parent. In both cases when the mind is swept and returned to it origin, the setting up of the Kanrodai, then indeed there is no one to fear as all is known, the truth of any and everything, as the original one being.

In any case, unless you are able to see the proof of the truth,

I cannot set out on My next preparations.

This is a very interesting proposition. The Parent is not asking us to believe this or that but is encouraging us to seek and prove the truth of origin for ourselves. By now it should be clear that the way to prove the truth of origin is to return to the truth of origin and the way to return to the truth of origin is to sweep the mind and settle the self-centered imagination so that it no longer moves. What remains then is the point of view of origin, the proof of the teaching and single-heartedness with Moonsun. Certainly, as this book draws to a close, there is nothing left to do but to sincerely seek to prove this for our self. "My next preparations" of course refer to the recreation of a world of Joy with each human being enjoying the free and unlimited workings that flow from the truth of origin.

On however high a place you may be,

I shall talk to you freely.

On the surface this last verse is addressed to the people who were or are in authority. But let's take a look at the way this might look from a point of view that we have already explored in these poems.

What stands between each of us and the proof of the truth of origin is the weight of the self-centered imagination that has accumulated on the origin. These self-centered images have accumulated like dust and eventually have gown so large that they are like mountains. Each of us then is potentially a mountain of dust. Our point of view being from the top of that mountain. What we do and say today being determined by self-centered imaginings deep within the foundation of that mountain. Now if the Parent of origin were judging us by the contents of the dust that makes up our individual mountain then that could weigh very heavily on us. Fortunately for us, the Parent of Origin is not judging us by the content of our mountain of dust but is rather freely speaking to us with the perfection of a model of parental love and the full knowledge of the identity of Moonsun. God the Parent, Moonsun is totally understanding of our situation, having created it, and is totally on our side. The dissertations of our self-centered imagination are limited by the foundation of misunderstanding that that mountain of dust sits upon. It makes it difficult for us to see beyond our limited point of view and places the reason of heaven out side of our worldly common reach. Moonsun, God the Parent does not have that limitation and can freely talk to and teach any self-centered imagination in any time and any place and at any level. What is needed of course are single-hearted instruments, human beings who have returned to the origin, to speak through.

The essence of conveying the path is not so much to tell people about the path as to seek it oneself. The essence of conveying the path is seeking the path. Though seeking something and conveying something might be considered exact opposites, what we convey is ultimately our attitude of seeking the path. Hence, we are taught, "Unless the origin is known, there can be no understanding."

February 8, 1953: Inaugural Meeting of the Tenri University Sejin Association

From My Hopes for the Young - Excerpts from the Second Shinbashira's Talks


The idea of rewarding good may be found in Oyasama's teaching. That of punishing evil, however, is completely absent. This is because all She wants us to do is quickly replace the mind and transform ourselves. In no sense is She a judge who hands down punishment for wrongdoing.

September 27, 1961: 9th Tenrikyo Young Men's Association Path Seeker's Seminar

From My Hopes for the Young - Excerpts from the Second Shinbashira's Talks

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