Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII, 49-55

Wherever you may seek to find the origin,

there will be no one who knows.

This of course reminds us that the origin cannot be found by searching through the contents of the human self-centered imagination, either now or in the past.

So should it be, for this is the first time

that Moonsun has entered a body and speaks.

The above two verses encourage us to take an entirely fresh look at what Moonsun is trying to help us to awaken to and to understand. That is to approach the teaching with a fresh and open mind, without any preconceptions concerning it. Further it is a reminder that it is Moonsun that is teaching and not Miki Nakayama, which must have been a very difficult thing for people who knew Miki to accept and understand.

To Moonsun, who can see everything in this world,

nothing is unknown.

To us the word "see" is understood as seeing self-centeredly and the same is true for knowing. What we see and know is related to our body as the seer and knower. From Moonsun's point of view our ordinary common seeing and knowing is shallow. It lacks the point of view of the origin. On the deepest and original level, Moonsun sees and knows everything from the innermost heart of all human beings. That seeing and knowing is not related to a single body but to all objects as part of a single body. The whole universe being the body of Moonsun. And each of us being self-centered imaginations, imagining that we are not Moonsun (borrowing bodies) for the joy of experiencing the unknown where in fact there is only the one knower and one known, Moonsun.

With your eyes open, take just a moment and be aware of Moonsun in your own mind, just below the voice of your self centered imagination.

Watching each and everyone of you,

Moonsun will discern the good and evil.

From our self-centered point of view we are separate individuals so it is not unusual for us to imagine that God is watching us and maybe judging our thoughts and actions from somewhere else, perhaps from the sky or the heavens. This verse however is written from Moonsun's point of view. Moonsun is much more immediate and indeed is watching everything from our inner most heart. In my opinion, Moonsun is not judging our thoughts and actions. Rather Moonsun, the very reason why we are able to have thoughts and actions, can see how the thoughts and actions that Moonsun reflects as the truth of our world, will yield either good or evil for us and wants us to be able to do so too.

If you wonder why Moonsun is so persistent,

it is because I pity you when evil appears.

We all seek the good for ourselves in all of our thoughts and actions. Moonsun is taking pity on us because what we think will yield good, often results in evil. It is always a surprise and a shock for us but not for Moonsun who knows how causality works and understands that the self-centered imagination will often yield unintended evil for us unless we temper it with the truth of origin. In worldly common terms we speak of this situation as being one where a friend who can see what is coming warns us to be careful because we may end up getting what we want. An enemy may view the same situation as one getting what one deserves. Moonsun warns persistently because Moonsun wants us to experience the world joyously, no matter what the situation.

If you let your debts pile up,

a path of oxen and horses will finally appear.

There is or would have been a worldly common understanding of this verse as it is an example out of the culture. We know from the first verse above that it is not useful to search the worldly common for the meanings of these poems. The text is then familiar however the meaning is not worldly common. The debts that are spoken of are the accumulations of the "dust" of the self-centered imagination. As that dust piles up, our life path can become a burden rather than the free and unlimited joyous life that Moonsun intends for us.

But Moonsun will save all of you, whoever you may be,

if only your sincerity is accepted.

So we have incurred a debt of self-centered dust piled up mountainously and are burdened by its weight. Moonsun will forgive the entire debt for anybody at any time if only we are willing to walk away from the entire debt without looking back and without trying to hold on to some of our favorite parts of it. If our mind is sincere we get a clean slate, the truth of origin and the joyous life. If our mind is not sincere we continue as we are.