Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII: 35-39

I must have you know

My true intent in beginning this world

While employing the sure guides that we have been provided by God the Parent to show us the way. Let's step very lightly and carefully along the path illuminated by these verses, with the confidence that we will end up knowing God's true intent in beginning this world as the reward for our sincere effort.

Concerning the sure guides. The verse at the head of this page is appropriate for all matters so we will employ it in this matter. Look around the room you are sitting in, everything is the body of God. Look at the body sitting in front of the computer. That is the body of God too. God's body can be seen because it is reflected in God's mind. If while looking at God's body and savoring God's mind a voice rises up that says otherwise, that is the self-centered imagination. Distinguish the difference between looking at God's body with the self-centered imagination and without the self-centered imagination.

The second sure guide that we will utilize makes it clear that the path of single-hearted salvation and its components are not worldly common and should not be understood in an ordinary way. Thus, though Moonsun uses words, ideas and things as aids to be used toward the completion of the Services (the purification of our mind, the settling of the self-centered imagination), their apparent existence and common meaning is not to be confused with the one unimaginable truth that they point to. They are a necessary means to attract the self-centered imagination back to its origin and are not, in their common appearance, the goal.

The third guide has to do with the authorship of these poems. The fact that these poems were not written by me is obvious but it is not so obvious that they, despite appearances, were not written by the personality known as Miki Nakayama. These poems were authored by Moonsun. And the point of view that is shown in them is Moonsun's. When we ponder the matter using the guide that the whole universe is the body of Moonsun, then the uncommon meaning of the teachings comes to the forefront as a single unchanging reality and the worldly common meanings fade away. This change is clearly shown in the model of the day of origin, the day when Miki became a shrine of Moonsun.

This place, the place for the Service,

is the very place where I began human beings.

This Parent, who began human beings, lives.

This is the truth.

This "Place" and this "Parent" are the same truth. By sincerely using the guides mentioned above, we can clearly see that this is so.

There is perhaps no one anywhere

who believes this talk to be the truth.

This of course refers to the human condition of viewing the world in a worldly common way with the self-centered imagination as the seemingly natural foundation of what is known about the world and its origin.

Though I speak in this way about things which do not exist,

it is all the real truth.

It is a fact that in the long journey of mankind creative and inventive people have made up non-existent things that were meant to educate and entertain us by capturing our imaginations. When closely examined such works are seen to be ingenious works of creativity and imagination. Such works have a common but transitory existence. Moonsun also uses ingenious creativity and imagination to capture our imaginations. However when these "things that do not exist" are examined closely and the instructions that accompany them are sincerely followed step by step they lead the self-centered imagination back to its origin and to the origin and truth of all things. Not as an idea but as a naked truth and reality beyond which one can go no deeper.


Indeed the year 1874, along with the next year 1875 when the Jiba for the Kanrodai was identified, can be recalled as having been an extremely significant year.

...it would not be surprising if the people in those days had not been fully able to understand the meanings of these events, because Oyasama, who has the truth of God the Parent, was living among them with a human figure not different from theirs.

The 3rd Shinbashira January 26, 1990

Now can we not correct our mistaken use of the mind and restore our minds to their original state? Certainly we can. The Mikaguara-uta. The Songs for the Serves, teaches us:

God, the same as water,

Washes away the dirt from your mind.

Mikaguara-uta V:3

This mud in the water,

I wish you to take it out quickly.

Greed is fathomless like muddy water.

When your mind is completely purified,

Then comes paradise.

Mikaguara-uta X:3-4

The 3rd Shinbashira October 26, 1994