Recall that Oyasama is carrying on a dialog between Her point of view, which is single-hearted with Moonsun and the point of view of the villagers, which is worldly common and based on the expectations of the self-centered imagination. As always, it falls to us to distinguish between those two points of view and to proceed along the path that is modeled for us as a path of single-hearted salvation.


IX 13-16


Though even until now I have taught most of My teachings,

there remains a truth yet untold.


When Moonsun speaks of having taught us “most of My teachings”, the reference is to the marvel that is our human worldly common self-centered imagination. The truth, that in this verse is referred to as the truth that remains yet untold to us, is none other than the truth of origin. When the totality of Moonsun’s teaching is understood that understanding constitutes the truth of all things in detail.


What do you think I shall say from today on?

The mind of Tsukihi truly hastens.


When the poems question us we are hastened and given an opportunity to honestly question our own self, distinguish Moonsun’s teaching from our own worldly common self-centered expectations so that we can align our efforts with Moonsun’s intention.


What is it that I hasten day after day?

It is solely the preparation for Tsukihi to rush out.


Again we are questioned and in this case the answer is provided for us so that we can better understand Moonsun’s intention. Let’s look at the distinction that is hastened here and see how it fits in with the theme that speaks of Moonsun’s desire “that the two persons received as shrines by Tsukihi each be given a separate room.


In general, I think it fair to say that the human minds that were and are drawn to Moonsun, approach with the expectation of satisfying a self-centered need or desire. That is to say that we want something. If we get what we want we may or may not show our gratitude but basically our intention is to remain pretty much as we are with the exception of our self centered expectation having been fulfilled. In that respect we are willing to set up a relationship with God where we are the supplicants and God is the power to grant our wishes. The important thing for us is that we get what we want while retaining our separate self-centered identity.


The Parent of origin knows and understands this situation and does not hold it against us. The true satisfaction that the Parent of origin wishes to give us is, however, not of the same order as our self-centered expectations. It is Moonsun’s intention that we be given single-hearted salvation. That is to say that each of us be given the opportunity to return our minds to their origin and become single-hearted with Moonsun. This single-hearted salvation is the salvation of any and everything. In this salvation the imagined separation that is the self-centered imagination is replaced by the understanding of the truth of origin, that any and everything of this universe is one original being, God, Moonsun, the Parent of origin or whatever name is used to represent that truth.


Moonsun then exists at the core of all things and beings and in the human form is capable of being known and understood in the world as the foundation of the joyous life. Moonsun wishes to “rush out” in all human minds, (each instrument becoming a shrine of Tsukihi) it is up to us to allow that to be so by settling our self-centered imaginations long enough for that marvel, a marvel even beyond that which is the self-centered imagination, (one is the sun, the other the moon, their light is only one) to be realized.


The expectation of Moonsun is that human beings will awaken to single-hearted salvation rapidly and in great numbers. This dialog is necessary because the state of our minds becomes the state of our world and it seems easier to us to imagine that what Moonsun is hastening is impossible, difficult, dangerous or not worth pursuing. Such an attitude become the truth of our world though it is not necessarily really the case. It is, however the point of view that keeps depressing our natural high spirited joy and which brings an unintended fear and suffering into the marvel that is the ever changing world. Metaphorically, it is the mountain of dust that covers and depresses the truth of origin and which keeps Moonsun from rushing out. In response to our predicament, Moonsun shows us the way to sweep that dust from our hearts and to awaken to single-hearted salvation, the true salvation of any and everything.


Listen closely to this talk and understand it well.

There is no knowing what I shall do.


Moonsun desires to rush out in all human beings equally, without any discrimination. To hasten this global awakening, Moonsun will work and teach in ways that are appropriate for the time, place and the level of spiritual maturity of those who wish to hear and will listen. The self-centered imagination is in the way of single-hearted salvation and so Moonsun wishes to quiet, settle, calm, remove, replace or make it like clear water. These poems attempt to recruit instruments to actively pursue that goal on a global scale. Since no two self-centered imaginations are exactly the same, even honestly accepting the challenge of helping to save others becomes a powerful broom for the removal of the dust of self-centered thinking.


I am convinced that of the many things taught in Her Divine Model, the most important ones are the readiness to base one’s judgment on the perspective of single-heartedness with God and the attitude rooted in single-heartedness with God.


The 3rd Shinbashira

October 26, 1992