IX 17-20

Please understand well what I say about the conditions

of the path ahead. This is the request of Tsukihi.


As we have often observed, there is a long human tradition of worldly common self-centered thinking that assumes that there are certain conditions that, if met, can influence gods and spirits in ways that will be beneficial for us. That is to say that through meeting those conditions we can embrace what is good for us and avoid what is evil or unwanted. Being aware of our expectations, in this theme Moonsun will explain to us what the conditions are for the fulfillment of the path of single-hearted salvation. As always and by now we can expect that those conditions will be completely different from our worldly common expectations.


When you hear that Tsukihi has rushed out,

quickly bring out the Kanrodai.


Recall that in the imagery that has gone before, Moonsun has provided us with graphic representations of a truth that is far too subtle for words. In the images that have been drawn for us, our self-centered imaginations are shown as having piled up like a mountain of dust that is sitting on top of the free and unlimited high spirited joy of our true and original self. That mountain of dust is depressing and holding back that high spirited, free and unlimited joy in much the same way that muck and debris at the bottom of a pond might hold back and pollute a fresh water spring. 


The very reason why these poems are possible and have been written is because Moonsun has indeed rushed out through Miki Nakayama. And taking Her as a shrine, used Her physical appearance as a model life of single-hearted salvation. We could leave it at that with Miki, now God the Parent and Shrine of Moonsun on the one hand and we human beings remaining pretty much as were always were on the other, except for the intention of Moonsun to embrace all human beings in single-hearted salvation and in so doing return the marvelous creation which is this universe to its intended condition of free and unlimited joy as experienced through the instruments of creation assembled each according to the interaction of their various roles and natures. If interpreted in this way it is apparent that Moonsun intends to “rush out” through all human instruments one after another. This “rushing out” deserves to be called Moonsun’s tireless intention for universal single-hearted salvation.


All of this universe and the instruments that make it up, have come from a single source. As you can see this rapidly becomes a mouthful to discuss. So we are provided with a short hand symbol. The Kanrodai is the Parent of Origin and marks the place where human beings are created. To remind us of that we interact with a model Kanrodai. So when we hear that Moonsun has rushed out we are to quickly bring out the Kanrodai and do what? It is this next step that is the condition of the path of single-hearted salvation.


Prepare your minds for the place of the Jiba,

the place where the Kanrodai is to be set up.


In our worldly common way we are perhaps used to appealing to a higher power in times of stress and dissatisfaction with the state of our life. In this path however, God is coming to us and asking us to consciously cooperate in the next step of our human evolution and the recreation of a world of joy for all. God is asking us to voluntarily make a decisive resolve to set aside our self-centered imaginations, even if just for a moment, preparing our minds to return to their true and original condition and source so that Moonsun can “rush out” and bring free and unlimited joy to the world. In preparation for Moonsun rushing out we are taught to calm, sweep, replace and settle our mind so that it becomes the ground that is totally swept clean. It is the place where the Kanrodai is set up, the totally pure mind like clear water.


If only this is surely settled,

there will be no danger in anything at all.


I will offer two interpretations here. The first interpretation centers on settling on what it is that needs to be done, each with our own mind and self-centered imagination. The second interpretation sees this as the promise of what will come after its completion.


 In anticipation of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama to be observed on January 26 in the 169th year of the Teaching (2006). I should like to share some of my reflections by the way of urging all followers to make a decisive resolve and a determined effort to grow spiritually.

Instruction Two, The 4th Shinbashira