Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Up until this point we have reflected and commented on eight books of Ofudesaki (The Tip of the Writing Brush). In my own case that small effort represented numerous opportunities to mature and savor the boundless care of Moonsun and I am truly grateful for that. As we begin our discussion of the ninth book of Ofudesaki, I would like to suggest that prior to reading each verse in the remaining nine books the reader follow the instruction given in the poem at the top of this and the following pages. Using that instruction to reason and understand each verse from a fresh point of view. Perhaps with some sincere effort, assuming the point of view of Moonsun in this and in all other matters as well. I will give and example of this kind of reasoning as we begin book nine but will not carry it through every verse, as it has the immediacy of the Sazuke and overpowers the other interpretations that are necessary for a continued dialog between understanding and misunderstanding.

IX 1-4

Until now, whatever I said,

you thought it had come from the mind of a human being.

Though in truth there is only one original being, the one being has with great effort evolved the ability to appear as numerous authentic individual identities. These poems are a dialog between that one original being and those imagined individual identities. In truth the one is trying to convince that part of itself, the part that imagines itself as a separate identity, to awaken from the self-centered dream and return to the original unity of mind. That is something of a mouthful so let's identify the dialog as being between Moonsun (the one) and the human mind (the self-centered imagination).

The important point here is that it was very easy and understandable for those who heard Miki, speaking as the Shrine of Moonsun, to think that she was teaching human self-centered thoughts and was offering her opinions just like anyone else.

This time, whatever I may say,

never think that it comes from a human mind.

If we accept this instruction we are then put in the position of having to imagine a mind that is not a human mind. This can and in fact does lead to all sorts of speculations about

the contents of God's mind as opposed to the contents of a human mind. Fortunately for us we have had the benefit of pondering the previous eight books and so know a good deal about the distinction between the human mind and Moonsun's mind. We know for instance that self-centered thinking accumulates in the human mind like dust or debris in water. We know that the dust or muddy water limits our lives and depletes them of joy. We know that Moonsun's mind, the truth of origin, exists at the very core of our being and that for that original mind to be understood, we need only replace the insecure self-centered foundation of our understanding of the world with the solid foundation of the truth of origin. Thus becoming one (ichijoo) again with the truth of our self and any and everything. We also know that the benchmark for this return to the origin is the mind that, even for a moment, has been totally purified of self-centered thinking. To simplify all this we can say that we strive to make our human mind "the mind like clear water".

Please listen closely to whatever I say.

Never is there mixed the least bit of a human mind.

This is the model. The mind returned to the truth of origin, totally purified, like clear water. The mind that is one with the truth of origin and that can see the truth of all things as they really are as well as how they can be imagined to be.

Moonsun is going to tell you clearly about all matters.

Listen to Me, please.

This is the teaching and the truth that impacts all matters. It is the point of view of joy. The instructions are clear enough if we listen and wish to hear them.