IX 21-24

The extremely high spirited and encouraging theme of Tsukihi’s desire to “rush out” continues.


Just a word on where Tsukihi will rush out:

to the high and distant places.


Those who were close to Oyasama and heard this teaching from her own lips, were in many cases, willing to accept that Tsukihi had “rushed out” through Miki and in doing so intended marvelous salvations for all man kind. However, they were and perhaps we are, a bit timid about accepting the intention and desire of Tsukihi to “rush out” through each and every human being in all times and all places. If we interpret high places to be ourselves (picture pure clear water rising from the origin into a pond in the high mountains) and distant places as representing both the whole world and our imagined distance from the truth of origin; then I think that we can continue to interpret this theme as being about Moonsun’s intention and desire to “rush out” through the sincerely purified mind of all human beings.


When people hear of this story,

There will be talk among everyone of Tsukihi’s greatness.


Everyone in the world has a mind and it is intended that this option be made available to every mind. It is a very simple story. It is about everyone just as they are and applies to everyone equally.


Step by step, everyone in the world will speak of it.

When that day comes, your heart will be brightened.


It is not clear whether the heart that will be brightened is our individual heart, Tsukihi’s heart or Oyasama’s heart. Ponder this for a moment: In truth, are there three hearts or one single, original heart?


From thirty-eight years ago until now,

The regret in your heart: how pitiful it is.


The regret in the heart of the Parent of Origin is the dust that is our individual self-centered imagination, ignorant of its origin, greedily claiming what it cannot control and pitifully lost within itself without any sure guide. Though the self-centered imagination is a marvel of marvels, the fear, anxiety and pain that accompany its uninformed use is not intended.



You would do well to forget greed, let go of yourself, and rejoice and trust unreservedly in Oyasama’s teachings. This is the simplest way. Yet, for those of us who have accumulated causal force during our long journeys, this simplest way is the most difficult to implement…What we ought to do in following the path, therefore, is to take steps to work off our accumulated causal force, little by little, while maintaining our joy and high spiritedness. In this sense, then, instead of taking the simplest way of letting go of our thoughts and melting into God’s intention, we have the option of relying on ourselves and drawing on our wisdom to pursue the goal and seek joy, although following the path in this manner may give others the impression that we are going through many painful experiences.

The 2nd Shinbashira, June 29,1957