IX 25-28


At this time, I shall make all things

clearly known to everyone in the world.


Once again we have a choice of interpretations. We can interpret “at this time” as referring to, the time that Miki became a Shrine of Tsukihi, the time (thirty-eight years later) that these verses were written, or right now, the time that we are reading these verses.

Then there is the promise of making “all things clearly known to everyone in the world”. Imagine that. And that is the problem isn’t it. We might imagine all kinds of things and altogether miss the point of the teaching. Recognizing our propensity to try and understand everything from the point of view of our self-centered imaginings, Moonsun asks us at this point to pause and ask our self what it is that we imagine concerning this promise.


What do you think it is that I shall make known?

I shall make the Parent of Origin clearly known.


So, the promise of making “all things clearly known” is fulfilled by making “the Parent of Origin clearly known.” 


Though I began to speak to make such a thing known,

perhaps no one knows what it is about.


As always there is a hitch. Though Moonsun, using Miki as a shrine and speaking through Her mouth, is trying to make to Parent of Origin known, perhaps no one knew who that was or what the teaching was actually about. Chances are, the folks who heard this teaching from Oyasama confused Miki’s body with the Parent of Origin in the same worldly common way that we all confuse the truth of the body as a thing borrowed. And chances are, the folks who went to Oyasama for salvation, did so with worldly common expectations and not with the expectation of  awakening  to the knowledge of the true “Parent of Origin”. Certainly we can understand that those who listened to Oyasama teach heard Her words with an expectation of gaining some kind of human knowledge or experience. Ordinarily we don’t know anything else.


I begin to make the truth known to all humankind

From My desire to save this world.


Once again we can reflect on this. Moonsun’s desire is to make the Parent of Origin known to all humankind and in so doing save this world. What then does it mean to know the Parent of Origin? It seems that such knowledge is not the usual kind of human knowledge or experience that we are familiar with otherwise anyone who met Oyasama would “know” or have “an experience” of the Parent Origin, but we in these poems we are told repeatedly that no one knew what the teaching was about and that no one understood.


What is the most important point in Oyasama’s teachings, or the Tenrikyo teachings—though it may be inappropriate to discuss varying degrees of importance among the things taught by Oyasama? What was it that She most wanted to teach us when She began serving as the Shrine of Tsukihi? As you are probably aware, it was how to actually live the Joyous Life. In other words, Oyasama’s intention—God the Parent’s intention, this is—in providing the teachings was not only to have us clearly understand that to live as human beings is a joyous experience but also to help us actually savor that joy. Oyasama’s role, therefore, was to make every effort to guide us quickly to a deep understanding and an actual savoring of this joyousness, which cannot be measured by any human knowledge or experience.


The 2nd Shinbashira, August 28, 1953, from My Hopes for the Young