Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

The theme of clearly knowing the Parent of origin continues. So far we have been informed of the intention to make the Parent of origin, the origin, clearly known to us. To hasten us to awaken to that understanding, we have been reminded that the teaching is a result of our own pleas for relief from the sufferings,  illnesses and troubles that flow from the purely self-centered point of view and which drain the joy from our lives. 

IX 37-41

Before it occurred, I had given you

as much notice as I was able. Ponder over it. 

Concerning those sufferings that come from not knowing the truth of origin, we are here informed that with the coming of the teaching that reveals the true origin of any and everything we have been given notice of the source of suffering, illness and trouble and we are asked to ponder over it. The heading at the top of this page is of course a good starting place as it is intended to be fundamental to pondering all matters. 

In whatever I do, I give you notice of it beforehand

and then begin My workings.

The workings referred to here are the tireless efforts to provide us with the means of clearly knowing the true Parent of origin. Settling that knowledge is of course single-hearted salvation. 

What do you think of this talk? It is because I desire you to

know the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun.

We are questioned concerning our thoughts on Moonsun's motives. . In our worldly common ponderings it is possible for us to imagine that Moonsun desires us to do all sorts of things for all sorts of purposes. This verse informs us that there is only one intention and it concerns our salvation through our clear knowledge of the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun. Again the verse at the head of this page is the appropriate topic for our ponderings of those free and unlimited workings. 

Though the mind of Moonsun sincerely hastens

to have you know this one truth quickly,

Much to be learned here. There is one truth and it is Moonsun's intention that it be known quickly. If we are dragging the process out we can ponder and see where we have missed connecting with Moonsun's intention and make corrections in a timely manner. 

No matter how much Moonsun pleads with you close to Me,

no one understands. Oh, how I regret.

Though our worldly common self-centered point of view constantly misses the point and fails to understand what Moonsun is trying to do for us, we can look to the past and learn and look forward to the future with high spirits as we ponder the one truth and prepare our minds to clearly know the Parent of origin through the single-heartedness that is the salvation that comes from true knowledge of Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. 

Recalling that the unintended suffering that flows from the inability of the self-centered imagination to know the truth of origin and the joy that flows from that truth. In light of the verses at the head and foot of this page, let us take a moment now and ponder Moonsun's intention, the way that has been shown for realizing that intention and the truth of Moonsun's free and unlimited workings.