Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

IX 42-45

Whatever I say,

Never think that I am speaking about things in the present.

This verse shows us, once again, the contrast between Moonsun's point of view (the point of view of the origin) and our worldly common point of view ( the point of view of the self-centered imagination). On the one hand Moonsun is hastening the preparation of the human mind so that it can, step by step, clearly know the Parent of origin. While on the other hand our self-centered imagination seeks immediate relief and satisfaction of our self-centered concerns. This contrast can readily be seen in the Timely Talks or Directions (Osashizu).  In those talks it seems as though a straight or direct answer g for the questions posed is never given. This apparent disconnect is the result of the two points of view that are represented. The worldly common point of view wants and expects a worldly common answer, whereas the answer given always points away from the  immediate expectations of the self-centered imagination to the preparations for the one true single-hearted salvation to be realized in the future, after the self-centered imagination has been purified and returned to its origin. 

Whatever I may tell you step by step,

is is solely about things which are to be.

This refers to the tireless efforts of the Parent of origin to "step by step" prepare our human minds to know the origin clearly. We are carefully guided here so that we might avoid the misstep of reducing Moonsun's step by step efforts to our own worldly common self-centered interpretations that will suit our immediate self-centered expectations.  Such a misstep could lead to complacency and a lack of progress in our effort to clearly know the origin and in our continued misunderstanding of Moonsun's intention in trying to reveal that truth to us. 

To say what I shall speak about form now on:

it will be solely about the Kanrodai.

The Kanrodai is here given as an example of something told to us step by step. Take a moment and see how the poems refer to these two classes of misunderstanding. That is misunderstanding concerning our self-centered expectations attached to our own immediate problems and misunderstanding concerning the things told to us concerning hastening our step by step progress toward single-hearted salvation. 

What is called the Kanrodai at the present time

is but a mere model.

And here, to emphasize the point, we are guided to understand that the Kanrodai that we can see is but a mere model of what is to be. The subject of the theme remains the same. It is about Moonsun's step by step efforts to have us know the Parent of origin, the origin clearly. It is this way with all of those things that we have been told about step by step. Though at present they may be misunderstood, in the future they can surely be realized as even now the Parent of Origin is working at the core of each and every human mind hastening our return and the single-hearted salvation that flows from knowing the Parent of origin, the origin clearly. 

Regarding the state of those who requested these Directions, I might conjecture that while they had a knowledge of the Jiba Identification and the Kanrodai, they had not actually understood their true meaning, and that, consequently, the way they carried out their undertakings became removed from the mind of Oyasama. 

This is relevant to us today. If we too have not actually understood the true meaning of Oyasama's teachings, then we are doing exactly the same as the people did 100 years ago. That would mean that the path of single-hearted salvation has made no progress at all, and if it has made no progress, that would mean that we have made no spiritual growth.

January 26, 1992, The Third Shinbashira